Writing Improvement Software

I don’t know how long success takes but I sure want to quit all my endeavours.

Man doing things all by yourself is really hard. Nonetheless my content isn’t the best content out there.

While my blog is decent – my videos are so garbage. I now understand why people don’t watch them.

I realized that you can’t be successful while producing garbage but one man’s garbage is another man’s gold.

I’m feeling stuck. Sometimes it occurs to me that I should write a book but after my first two books failed + I don’t have an audience. I don’t know if I should write another book. Nobody’s going to read it.

I love creating content for the web and I know I should stick to the blog but man – not doing videos is hard because it became a habit.

If I stopped creating videos for people, some of the people would be upset. I need to make some cash with my content but my content is just a drop in the ocean.

I think I got to rethink some of my actions. Because most of my actions are fruitless and ineffective.

Sometimes I just want to quit.

But the american dream – work hard and you’ll become a millionaire. Sure this dream isn’t for me.

I live the Lithuanian dream – do nothing and get paid.