Picking your hustle.

When I was younger I knew that someday I’d be rich. That day didn’t come, yet.

Deep inside my skull I knew that I’m better than I get. I have this sense of being big and great, but when I started applying my beliefs to life. It appeared that being big and great is really hard, especially when you’re starting out as a nobody.

Back in the day I had a life, but then was struck by schizophrenia, this made my life a bit more difficult, but over 6 years I’ve got used to it.

I can’t say I’m struggling with schizophrenia badly. No, my symptoms are okay and being in a mental house for couple of days isn’t that bad.

When picking a side hustle, or main hustle. You got to pick something that you’re comfortable with. I don’t say don’t go out of your comfort zone. Because you can always extend your comfort zone.

I picked blogging as a main hustle. Blogging is comfortable for me because not a lot of people read my blog.

You don’t want a side hustle where you’re always full of stress and discomfort because it will drain you over the time.

At first when I started publishing online it wasn’t comfortable, when I started online video – it wasn’t comfortable – now it’s comfortable.

The main thing I want to tell here. Don’t play games with your hustle. You know being a youtuber is easier in a game than in real life.

If you’re a hustler like me – you want always something more and you believe deep inside that you are worth more than you have. This is the hustle talking.

As a hustler I don’t want to settle and accept what I’ve got. Sure I’m grateful for what I’ve got, but I don’t want to settle.

Deep inside I believe I could be this awesome blogger and make money. Because since I realized about blogging I knew I want to do this. Because blogging gives you flexibility and being your own boss is cool. Working from everywhere you want. Currently working from my own room, but whatever man – I like the idea.

There are many hustles you can choose from. But if I were you I would choose something that I have strengths in.

From business side I can say that there is an oversupply of bloggers. And new blogs will face a huge challenge when trying to compete with those who are already established.

All you have to do is establish yourself as some sort of expert. Everybody needs an expert these days.

PS. If I will make it as a blogger. I mean paid blogger to write whatever I want I’ll then say how I did it. I can say how I’m doing it now – it just write text on my blog and do no marketing. I believe good stuff can market itself, but if after 10 years from writing this I’m not successful, I’ll give myself 10 more years. Just like Bukowski did.