Writing Improvement Software

If you’ve been creating content for years and you’ve done something that attracts very few visitors.

You can then think visitor by visitor – I will build my empire.

But in fact one visitor is just one visitor :-/

To have an empire is one thing, to get a lot of views on your work is another factor.

But John Chow said you don’t need to be a master at all things, you need to find this one thing that works and repeat it.

After years of struggling I still haven’t found the secret to blogging and vlogging back in the day I had views on my videos and now I don’t. I believe I just became boring to people.

Still, one visitor is one visitor. Video by video my empire grows but man, it’s a slow growing process to grow a blog.

I don’t do any marketing. I believe that good stuff will market itself.

But probably I’m wrong, It’s been years and I’ve build barely something.