Not all time is measured equally.

When it comes to productivity, I’m some what productive. When I see people doing these massive outputs of quality production – they blast my socks off, for sure.

If I put a goal to write the most words in the world, what’s the point of pursuing that goal and what’s after that?

What writers, speakers, vloggers, and podcasters are trying to tell us?

Not all time is measured equally – just means a statement:

Do you enjoy what you spend your time at?

If you enjoy, that’s fine, but if not – here you have a thing you have to rethink.

It’s better to slice your throat than to live your life which you don’t enjoy.

Since I knew about blogging I knew I will do it – I stalled 10 years, please don’t do that.

Some things just have to mature and self-doubt is the main killer of your dreams.

When I see people plugged into the matrix 24/7, my duty is to put something good into that matrix.