Motivation for writers, bloggers, authors.

As a writer I know the work that needs to be done.

I started writing because it was easy to do, but when I entered the writing sphere I realized how hard it is. It’s easy to write, but it’s hard to stand out and make your words shine – it’s really hard. I’ve been doing this for many years, everywhere on the web.

To sum up the motivation. I will just say this:

Your stuff isn’t going to write by itself.

As a writer I don’t care if anyone reads it, all I care is to type this shit out and then it’s done. Writing is a hard mental task but you get used to it if you are chosen to write.

PS. I gave a writing shot to morty, he quit before he begined. You don’t want to be this writer who quits before he begins.

PPS. You don’t want to be a guy who quits before he begins.