Motivation and hype.

When I stumble on a motivational video – I always get hyped. I mean always.

Videos inflict their on vision on you. Every single motivational video wants you to exercise. As if you can’t be successful while being fat. This is just nonsense.

I know some people who are fat and have a lot of euros in their pocket. It’s not fat that prohibits you from being successful

Over the years I’ve tried most things online and I’ve failed miserably. Nothing worked. Before I started my vlogs, one of my acquaintances told me that I won’t make it with these kinds of videos and he was right. He knew that the market wants something better than I’m producing. Thanks Erikas but I had to try it out.

PS: By the way you don’t have the https:// protocol.

Anyway. I was stubborn to try if my videos will do good, but it appeared Erikas was right.

Motivation on the other hand can boost you for a day, or for one hour. So it’s better not to watch motivational videos. You don’t need this hype.

Because when you’re hyped – you don’t act normal. The sense of self gets boosted as if you could climb all the mountains and walk around the earth. But that’s self-deception.

If we are so great, why don’t we do everything that’s necessary without the motivational video? As if the motivational video is a necessary part of our lives.

Motivation is for weak people and we are weak people if we watch the motivational video. I got a bit stronger – I tune out motivational videos when I see them because I don’t want to get hyped ever again.

The hype is like nonsense and most of the time it’s out of context with your life.

You don’t have legs and someone puts a running motivational video, you then begin to dream that someday your legs will grow and you will be running in the field. That’s nonsense. I don’t want to discourage everybody, but it’s really a nonsense way of viewing your life.

I don’t like when cripples tell normal people how great they are. In fact, when a cripple is talking about these wonderful things it makes me laugh, because if you’re a cripple you know you can’t do mostly anything. Because you require assistance in most things. People without arms and limbs can’t wipe their own ass and they’re talking these big and great visions on how they can become anybody they want. Whatever man. Nobody likes the truth.

You can call me an asshole but what’s true stays true.

In fact, without assistance we all can do so little. Because you can’t make a hollywood movie alone. You can’t do a lot of things, when you think about it.

If you’re disabled like me – don’t watch motivational videos, because you’ll get all hyped. Hyped for better future, hyped for better outcome during your life.

If you’re a healthy individual, go ahead and watch all those motivational videos. You’ll get hyped and still won’t produce any outcome. Motivation is a huge market, better be on the motivators side than mine. I’m not producing any income, while motivators produce thousands a year if not millions.

I’m done.