Loving what you do…

… won’t necessarily make you money.

I love writing my blog, probably the best occupation which I have these days.

I like writing and I wish I was a better writer but things are how they are.

You see, when you want to earn – you want to bring value to the market, but let me ask you this question: what does the market lack?

The answer is pretty simple, the market lacks nothing. Because everything, or most stuff, is created.

These days we lack innovation but it’s hard to be innovative when you live in non-innovative community. To create some sort of innovation you need to be in a place where innovations are welcome.

If nobody tells okay to your innovation it simply means that you’re around wrong people.

Loving what you do is great, but mere love won’t put bread in your stomach.

When you have this ability to do whatever you want, then you need to figure out how to add value to people you’re trying to serve.

If you create music for yourself, or a book, in fact you’ll be the one enjoying your music for couple of days and then you’ll forget about it.

The world doesn’t need more bloggers because there’s an oversupply of bloggers that’s why I don’t make money from blogging. And to be sincere I’ll say I won’t make money ever with my blog. Because these days blogging standards are so high. Barely some people can meet those standards.

As I told in some of my posts: people who sell the same thing, write the same thing – have insane competition.

The best thing in my opinion is to stand out and standing out in a crowd which delivers the same thing is easy, but people have to like you – if people don’t like you – you’re going to be in underground for many years. If ever you’ll make to the surface.