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I see all these motivational videos, when I watch them I always get hyped.

You see, I’m a person who is lazy. I’m a lazy fuck, but on the other hand, what is laziness?

Laziness is an internal stop signal. We are not homosapiens, but homoeconomicus, people who save up their energy for something more greater.

If you are lazy at the moment, this simply means that you haven’t found an idea which will be worth doing in the long run.

As humans, we not only want things, but we desire them.

There’s this simple scheme to motivation: Target< go, stop, return.

If you’re lacking motivation in any form, this means that your body is signaling you that your current lifestyle is good enough.

When you watch a typical motivational video, they’re always want you to exercise as if there is no other form of success, just exercising. That is plain nonsense.

As long as you do what you want to do – you are successful, but keep in mind that most people are lazy and laziness itself is in our genes.

If you think that you’re a lazy person, you have the wrong belief.

Let’s assume a situation. You’re out of smokes, sick and the weather outside is cold and harsh, but if you really want to smoke – you’ll get up and go to the furthest shop if you need a smoke.

I know this from my experience. If I want to smoke – I’ll do whatever it takes to get a smoke because I’m motivated to smoke.

If you’re lazy this means you haven’t found what you really want. Motivation is simply a target to a thing you desire. Lazy people build roads and buildings and whatever they need – because we’re all lazy, well, at least most of us.

Laziness means that your actions would be not so effective, because the subconscious mind is dictating all conditions to your body. The conscious mind is just there for you to be in it. Conscious mind is powerless when it comes to subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind does all the ‘calculations’ and it knows better what it wants and what it doesn’t want.

When you watch a motivational video, the video implies what you want, but deep inside what you want and what the video wants you to do isn’t aligned.

If you align your true desires the video will help more than for one day, but if you haven’t got what you want – watch all those motivational videos and they won’t motivate you longer than for one day.

When you’re lazy – you shouldn’t bother yourself with the question ‘what do I want?’ because what we want is the product of our subconsciousness.

Laziness is simply a stop sign.