Last drop of ketchup.

A week ago, I guess, I was at my grandmother. She took a cold pizza from the freezer and put it into the microwave oven.

As the pizza was ready, she gave the pizza and a bag of ketchup. I sure squeezed that shit out and man there was this last drop of ketchup and she wanted to store it. I was like “woman, what are you doing?

Even when you save up the last drop of ketchup it’s still – one drop, it’s good for nothing unless you want your family to make fun of you. Who you’re going to impress with one drop of ketchup these days?

This made me think, that most people of the post soviet union are still living in scarcity, even when there are thousands upon thousands products in the market shop – you still need money and people here are like really poor.

Everyone is driving a car which is like 10 years old, these cars are like garbage cars for 200€-500€ and this makes me think.

Why is our country so poor? 

Why do we have this scarcity mentality when the place is really abundant?

Every country has people who have no shelter, no food but there are institutions which give food for those who have the lack of it.

I guess the problem lies in the mind, because when people are poor they do stuff, but rarely have time to think through what they’re doing.

There’s this great opportunity to give away things for free, at least online, but when you want to make money – you don’t have any opportunities. I sure don’t want to be a cashier and count cash of strangers.

The world is abundant and people still live in scarcity. It’s so strange, as if there is no money for people, when the people print cash everyday. Cash pops out out of nowhere everyday and people keep printing it.

The main factor would be that a person is poor due to fact that he can no longer offer something of value to the market.

When people around you can’t earn money then you can’t sell anything to these people because, well, they are poor.

There’s only couple of solutions to a person who has no money.

  • Become a parazite.
  • Get a job.

These solutions are normal, but doing things you don’t want to do in a job is simply a chore. Arnold said there are 75% people in America who hate their job.

If we are living in this world, we should make this world as heaven, just because we create the rules and we do things we want to do. If nobody wants to work in some places – we’d terminate that place.

When people are aimless, goalless, without direction – then they go to work at whatever is in the market. The market itself is ruthless, the market has no mercy and in the market there is no socializing. Everybody comes to the market to exchange goods but when I see stuff given away for free online. I start to think that people actually want to giveaway stuff for free, just because stuff online is easy to produce and distribute. After I hit publish the whole world can see my stuff but the market chooses to ignore my post. That’s why the market is ruthless.

If you don’t sell anything. You won’t be rich, but you can be productive – but then people will tell you that you don’t have a job and you are a parazite.

As if we just survive by doing stuff that sells.

Imagine if every creator of the web put a price tag of 0.01 cent on every piece of text, video and audio – the web would cost money. The web by itself does not run for free. Somebody has to pay for the servers, for the ads and somebody has to buy something – that’s how the web works.

Sure I could put a price tag on my blog, but who would read it, when its audience isn’t big?

So back to the topic – don’t save your last drop of ketchup because you won’t impress anybody with that drop.