Is it good or is it bad?

As a metaphysician I love talking about these weird things most people don’t bother to think.

When you see an object, what do you think about it?

Is it good or is it bad? Doesn’t matter what object we’re talking here about.

Let’s say you made a drawing from the depths of your heart but you lack technical skills in drawing – is that drawing gorgeous or disgusting?

I’ve been talking for years that we as humans don’t understand objects.

If you’ll put a video on youtube, how many likes and dislikes will it get?

The object – video. Is the same for us all. Why some people like it and some dislike it while it’s the same object?

This sums up everything I wanted to tell in this posts. Doesn’t matter how well educated you are – you still can’t understand objects.

Does a bee know how use the computer, or does she only sit on the screen and enjoy the bright colors?