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Over the years I realized that I don’t want to work…

…instead I want to do fun for a living.

I find vlogging fun, podcasting fun, and blogging fun.

But over the years I couldn’t find a solution to make a living from it.

I earned some irregular cash from my vlogging endeavours.

Working becomes a chore when you don’t like it. I’m not that kind of blogger who will promise you the laptop lifestyle. Sure I’m not.

I just wanted to tell that for some folks, people like me, it’s really hard to make a living. Sure I could write the best blog post ever, but who would read it?

Before you can write good shit you need an audience, but before you get an audience – you need to write good shit.

Everything is interlocked.

I’ve seen these college kids making decent income with their blogs. I want it too. But maybe my articles suck, I don’t know.

I just don’t want to be a writer who writes the same shit like everybody else.

Man, this is a hard problem. Audience building is really hard when you actually try to do it.

I will still pursue fun because I want my life to be fun and not a chore.