How to move out the ‘lost’ stage.

When scarcity mentality runs through the head it’s really easy to get lost. And I mean really because you have to pick the best from the worst.

Despite that I wrote the scarcity mentality, this post will be in the abundance category, you might ask why?

The world is abundant and the society doesn’t require you to do anything.

If you like laying on the beach – then do that, but don’t cry that society doesn’t give you what you deserve – it’s that simple.

Being noticed with whatever you do is really hard, I’ve been trying to do it over a decade. Just now I realized I should focus on building ‘my’ empire and not someone else’s.

When you’re lost – try things, nobody’s going to punch you in the face if you’ll just try. Don’t be afraid to fail because failure is the part where you grow.

I see so many people not growing because they are afraid of failure.

When you want to grow – you have to love failing.

Man, when my posts don’t go viral – I count it as a failure, but then again some people like those posts – even when they are not viral.

It’s really hard to keep up with yourself when you have all these high standards.

Lower the standard, you don’t want to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger

Just because being Arnold is really hard, if you want to out compete this guy – don’t read my blog and don’t read blogs like my blog. Seriously man, what are you doing here?

When it comes to moving out of your ‘lost’ stage – you need to look for things that are easy to do for you, but hard to do to others.

Because if you will be doing hard work in fields that are just too hard for you – you won’t make it.

I know because I played guitar for couple of years, barely achieved something. Doesn’t matter how many hours I’ll put into playing guitar I won’t ever achieve anything great – because guitar looks easy but in fact is very hard for me.

For me – writing – is easy, so I focus on writing. Anybody can write, but only writers write and other people just say that writing is easy but actually don’t put anything on paper or screen. Period.

Moving out of ‘lost’ phase will come someday. I know you can’t force out of it if you don’t have a mentor.

First thing one has to do is move out of the scarcity mentality, there are enough goods for every one of us.