How music influences what you write.

Over years I’ve been listening to random music due to my wide range music taste.

And one thing I noticed is that music influences what you write.

For example, try tuning into epic music and try to write something. Everything you’ll write with that epic soundtrack will be just epic.

Epic in a sense of writing. People might not even like what you wrote, but man it will be epic.

I now tuned to epic music, man I want to write epic shit for epic people.

If you’d tune into something lyrical, like I don’t know

This also will change the mood of your writing.

So in my opinion, it’s good to write in silence. Because your mood will be like the mood of the song, but I don’t care about this rule – I love when music is stimulating me.

Music brings emotions and emotions are good in writing, people need more emotions. Because everything today is mostly dull.

Let’s assume I’ll switch to metallica

This is the song I’ve tried to learn on guitar and didn’t. I love this song, but this song reminds me of misery and struggle.

I know a beginner guitarist shouldn’t try to play metallica as their first song but whatever.

You see – music does change what we write. If we listen to hate music, we’ll probably write about hate.

Writing in silence is like really dull.

But when writing in silence – you’re then in tune with your own emotions, not emotions of the song.

I switched back to psychedelic trance. It’s good.

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