Google won’t make you rich.

Writing a blog and depending only on Google traffic won’t do you any good.

I don’t know what kind of articles you have to write so that traffic from Google would pick up.

The problem with many bloggers, me included, is that we rely only on Google traffic. Most of my traffic comes from youtube.

You see – Google wants better posts, better videos.

But what if you could get that traffic elsewhere?

Relying on Google alone won’t make you rich.

I know this because my traffic after 300 posts is just 2 to 10 visitors – Google doesn’t want people to see my blog. If Google would want it, Google can make any blogger rich and famous.

Don’t rely on Google, if you’re a blogger.

You don’t need to write your blog 4 years to get the traffic, what you need to do is promote your blog to your social media following. If you have any followers.

Many experts say that at first you need to build up your social media following – only then you need start your blog, but whatever. I started my blog as my main point of communication.

If people want to find me they know where to find me.