Give your friends an opportunity.

Imagine a scenario, you and your friend have no cash.

What do you do then?

You try to figure out ways to earn cash together, just because doing business by yourself is a hard task.

You just can’t win if you’re doing business solo, doing business solo – as I used to do and still do is a sociopath way of doing business.

Real leaders are the sun, and they pick up people they meet and give them a task, because let’s admit it – many people don’t have the ambitions to take upon the real world. The real world, if you’re alone, is really harsh and you don’t want harsh when you’re just beginning.

The real world will kick you in the nuts.

So my advice – give your friends, if they are reliable, a task and move out of their way – let them blast your socks off.

Because man, people can do wonders if you give them the right direction.