Fuck coding.

I tuned into freecodecamp.org and before I had completed somewhat 40-50 lessons. Today I joined the website and realized I forgot everything I learned.

Man coding is interesting, I wish I could code humans or hack them.

It pisses me that I can’t memorize the code.

I’m sitting many years in front of a computer, I, myself, think like a computer, but man fuck coding.

I like writing, not coding.

Yes, there are many opportunities to learn, really there’s more opportunities to learn that it was when I was 20 years old.

There are two types of learning, when you upgrade your knowledge and when you upgrade your skills.

From a skill point, I know how to do some computer troubleshooting and barely can cook an egg. From a knowledge standpoint I have various knowledge about life, but man. I’m tired of constantly learning new stuff.

I really don’t like coding.