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I wonder how do mentally healthy people see reality.

I know for a fact that my reality is fractured. Not in a way that I can’t orientate within my own reality.

There’s a saying that schizophrenic people see the world more clearly. I don’t know where I’ve got this, probably in a mental house.

It’s strange how reality works. On one hand you can be the king of the world while on the other hand you’re down in the rabbit hole.

I see reality in fractures, I see the world in fractures. All reality is fractured via the web shows of the internet.

I think I spend to much time on the computer but whatever man, what can I see when I go outside? A world under a price tag. I can’t pay that price, yet, maybe I will never be able to pay that price.

The world outside is costly. And I can’t afford the world. There are some folks who can afford the world. I don’t know them personally.

This, too, is a fracture of the world. It’s a fracture of my sanity.

This world is insane and people lock me up, maybe it only appears insane because I’m insane? But it can’t be this way. I long for a deeper meaning, a deeper explanation to what is and what is not.

Amongst animals I’m born, with no clarity and vision of the future.

I can assure you – I drift through life, with no luck and no success.

Most of us drift, at least those whom I know – drift.

Where this world is going? I don’t know since my world is made of fractures. Fractures I can’t put as if they fractures of a puzzle game.

Something has to be done. Or, just maybe, every fantasy of mine is already here, but I don’t see it – because I live in a fractured reality.