Forming particular ideas from abstract thoughts.

Abstract is newer good.

Our minds wander most of the time, at least mine does. I think abstract thoughts and as a writer – I have to create something concrete from my abstract thoughts.

Abstractions are not so good, because if you can’t understand your own abstractions, who will understand it?

If you don’t understand what you’re trying to say – you will never deliver the message, doesn’t matter how many abstract letters you will write.

Personally me, I hate poetry, because Lithuanian poetry is just abstract words that mean nothing, they’re just beautiful words, soundy words.

The creator is always balancing between the abstract and the concrete.

When I talk about technical skills of the creator, I mean skills that make you form something from your abstraction. As a writer I see words, words all over the place.

My job is to take the words of the world and remix them in letter sequences that make sense to other people and deliver the message.

I could write afdgfshdfgdfhfhd, but this does not make any sense, therefore as creators we must follow certain rules to ‘create’ particular things. Therefore we need technical skills to make the best of our abstract thoughts.

By the way, you can invent your own rules, but those rules have to be easily understood by the majority, or at least by the minority.

Don’t be afraid to break stereotypes and status quo, because we need new rules, new ideas and more fantasy.