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If I would write like Stephen King, I would be Stephen King.

When you’re starting out as an artist: writer, painter – or whatever you would like to do in life. You will have low technical skills and most people think, that creators like myself and Stephen King have some sort of advantage amongst other people.

When it comes to writing, one must develop skills in order to be understood by the society.

Entry level creators can deliver huge value to the market, but their creativity is limited to low technical skills.

How do you overcome doubt in your creative self?

It’s really easy, permit yourself to create shit. Only when you can create shit, your creative self will grow. Because let’s admit, when you can’t create shit – you can’t create a masterpiece.

It’s very rare that posts go viral and it’s very rare that you can keep up with viral posts after you did your first one.

Nobody really knows why some posts go viral and some do not, I guess some things just resonate with majority.

Sure creative work has high standards, but you don’t need to write what everybody else is writing and in the end you have to develop your own standard.

People who solve the same problems and write the same articles are already devaluating themselves as artists.

Creative world has low entry level because everybody with open mindset can be a creator. Start as a hobbyist if you want to be a writer and think how can you create something beautiful for yourself which you can appreciate for years.

As a writer, I rarely enjoy my piece of work, just because I keep upgrading my skills. Previous posts had lower skill level than this one and so on and so forth.

Eliminating your creative doubt will open new horizon of thought, creative thought.