Writing Improvement Software

Our brain uses huge amount of energy to store facts, dates, names, locations and everything we saw in life.

To drop memory we need to use paper and pencil, or always plugged in tablet so we can store our memory on paper.

Back in the day I didn’t use pen and paper and when I came with a new idea – I instantly forgot it.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a technical level to accomplish an idea, what matters here is to store every single idea you have come up during your life.

You can then pick up old ideas you created and use them later in life.

You see – your brain is a powerful tool, but keeping ideas in the conscious brain is really not worth it, because the conscious brain has limited information storage. I can’t find the source to quote the correct information, but it’s really not that big storage. When a person says his name, most of us instantly forget it – so you know that it’s not a lot.

Just don’t waste your resources to storing information, if you want to store something – make a audio or text. And you can comeback to it later.

After you’ve writing everything – you will be an idea machine, because new ideas keep on coming but many people don’t write them down and keep forgetting what they came up with.

Memory is basically useless when it’s written down.