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Few weeks ago, during new years and christmas holidays I was in a mental house.

I had this relapse in smoking. I just wanted to tell you.

Smoking is the hardest thing I’m trying to conquer. Doing pushups and situps and squats is easier than not taking that last cigarette.

And I realized, there is no magic pill which will remove my smoking addiction.

Damn I think, if it wasn’t for that mental house I probably would be still a non-smoker. But after watching the last Arnold’s talk I threw all my smokes to the trash, because I don’t want to settle with smoking, I would rather go to the gym and work out instead of smoking.

After years of non activity and smoking and drinking I realized this path is easy but it’s not worth living. Easy life is not worth living, but I have another downfall in my life – I’m ill, ill with mental disease and heart disease, but I want more from life.

I wish I just could shift to motivation and forget what I have learned in my life, because life of smoking and drinking and being non active is really not worth living.

Life of stalling is not worth living.