Don’t give up no matter what.

People Like Brian Tracy tell that you shouldn’t give up no matter what, but imho you should give up on things that are not working.

My blog isn’t working, my youtube isn’t working – I know I should give up, but I want to follow Brian Tracy steps and prove you that if you do the wrong thing – success won’t come.

To do the right thing and give market what it wants – is very hard.

The market doesn’t know what it wants.

People are holding a grudge on me. I know this for a fact because back in the day I had more views on my videos.

My videos are lame I know, but at least I have something to do.

My blog posts are lame as well but whatever man.

Some people can write couple of sentences while others have to write millions of words and nothing magical will happen.

Life is unfair and I know it for sure.