arnold schwarzenegger wallpaper

Even Arnold had naysayers, I guess everybody has naysayers.

Even I have naysayers, even when I’m little.

When I grow up, I want to be a lion to scare the sheep of.

I know I don’t need to follow anyone, but if I will follow somebody – I will follow the greatest.

It’s hard to do physical activity when you’re ill, but many ill people do more pushups that us fat fucks – this is bad.

Life is a competition. So I guess it’s good to compete but I never was a competitive guy. I really don’t want to compete.

But to be honest. Today I have nothing to offer to the market 🙁

But I have a direction, I have a great big vision.

Sometimes after you fall it’s hard to get up, but I’ve been getting up for years.

Failing is easy to me. I’m not afraid to fail, but I realized I have to do more than write. Writing itself is easy for me, but people want proof – proof that what you give is awesome. So I guess I need to give proof, but today I’m not ready yet.

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