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The problem is as follows that less and less people care about the world we are living in. It is stated that mere mortal doesn’t even have the power to shift the course of the world but the world I live in is never built to the end. That’s why Utopias don’t work. Utopias give us the end world but our world is never at end.

In some places this world is more of a dystopia than utopia because let’s admit one thing – the world and the universe is a vast place for one man to grasp. To grasp the world one must have the most clear picture of the world. Many people who lurk on the web and watch the television have a worldview that is fractured. With fractured view of the world we can’t really know for sure what is out there. We’re all connected to the informational matrix, we all have no clue what our world is because it’s really hard to go deeper into the world by philosophy while we don’t have any gadgets that let us go deeper. We only have our brain and our thought.

With games like GTA5 we have a photo realistic depiction of our world. The world is depicted for us and we can realize we are living in some sort of a system. System which is working by itself for itself. A homosapiens human is a part of the system but with seeing the world that it has to be built for humans to survive in conditions we can be sure that this world is not necessarily meant for us. If we have to rebuild the world and invent new stuff – this world is not for us.

Put words anyway you like but we are stuck in this world for our lives and we all have to build something good out of this world.

It’s our duty to build something great.