Creativity 101

Creativity, as a hobby or professional career, involves logic, strategic thinking and other analytical ‘things’ in our brain.

To start creating, one has to breakthrough the limits of the mind.

Creativity as a profession, requires high standard of technical level, by saying technical I mean – technical level of expression of the creativity itself.

Basic creativity is the invention of a new, remixed idea.

When you have new or remixed, even old ideas – you then need to have a certain way of expressing the idea. It can be through visuals, text, audio, painting, architecture and engineering – everything that a human being touches is creativity because it’s easier to destroy things than to create them.

You can never destroy an idea.

The first step towards creativity is to ‘create’ your visionary life goal, a life you would want to live. It can be a creative life, it can be technical life, it can be operating life, or it can be money making life – it doesn’t matter what you’ll choose as long as it’s good for you and people whom expect something from you.

As an artist – your duty is to give birth to ideas you have come up during your life. Technical expression is required, because you can’t accomplish your creative endeavour with low technical skills – your creativity won’t be valued in the world, because let’s admit – creative thinking is not enough these days.

Creativity itself is a game of high standard.

As a creator – you create ‘products’ other people will consume. Having a great creative output will let you attract new people into your life – online or offline.

Before you start creating high standard copies of your idea – you need to learn technical skills, because creativity requires technical work.

The easiest creative endeavour is writing but since many people can do it – it is devalued by society. Writing can be creative or technical or academical. Therefore not every type of writing is creative writing.

To be sincere with you I’ve been writing for years and achieved mostly nothing.

Creative work is dull, boring and disappointing work if you want to create art from the depths of your heart.

I just want to say, that creative people have to be open people, nobody can create anything with closed-mind thinking. You have to be open-minded person to create and be creative, also you need to be prolific. High outputs of creativity may drive you insane because most creative people we’re at least once in a mad house.

There is nothing more disappointing than seeing your creative work being not evaluated by people, or worse – ignored.

Keep on creating.