Creative crisis.

Everytime I think of a new book. I can come up with a great title.

But when I actually sit down to write it – my stories end up with couple of thousands words – then I’m empty.

It’s easier to start a new novel than to finish an existing one.

This for me is a creative crisis.

Man I just don’t know how I wrote my first detective.

When it comes to writing long boring books – I’m empty.

It’s easier to write bullshit blog posts and pretend that I’m an awesome blogger.

Writing books is a hard task. It became extremely hard and I don’t believe that anyone can write a book. Sure anyone in theory, but not everyone practically.

It’s been since 2013 I last wrote something long. I just can’t and probably I don’t want it.

When there’s something good to write – it usually pops out by itself. You don’t have to force it. Fiction is hard, non fiction is harder. Bullshit blogging is easy.

I love blogging because it’s short and casual.

Personally I doubt I will ever write something long.