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The problem remains: what will other people think if I do this or that?

Most people I came across in my life think based on their emotions.

The first step to being yourself is to be disliked by people. Yeah, disliked.

You don’t want to please everybody, polarize people you want to see in your life.

If you don’t like religious people, gays, and black people – say so.

I don’t like people who try to blow me out of my course, personally I don’t hate anybody until people try to mess with me.

If you’re religious – keep your religion to yourself, don’t impose it to me. If you’re gay – don’t play gay games on me and we all will be fine.

Hatred is learned, we learn to hate based on our life experience. Of course, don’t underestimate the stupidity of the majority.

If you want to be yourself – don’t please people, polarize them.