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Day: January 27, 2019

Good memories from GTA5.

Good, no comment.

Deluded generation.

These days everybody wants to be a celebrity with massive load of followers.

Everybody wants to be a singer, everybody wants to be a tv star, everybody wants to be a blogger, everybody wants to be somebody.

… and everyone wants to prove something.

Everybody’s pursuing cash, today everybody is a CEO even when their company doesn’t make profit.

Everybody’s a founder, everybody’s working hard.

Everybody wants the American dream, everybody wants some likes on food they just consumed.

Everybody’s deluded.

Or maybe I’m the one deluded, trying to prove a point with my blog.

But if I’m deluded, so must be everyone else is deluded because we are the same generation.

Just couldn’t do it.

I downloaded venom the movie and was thinking I should do movie reviews.

But watched 10 minutes of the movie and I realized – I can’t do it.

Sure I can do it, but I don’t want to.

I really don’t like watching movies because they take up so much time.

The web is full of reviews, why would the world want my review?

I don’t want to write the same things everybody else is writing.

Some ventures give no guarantees.

For example blogging. I’ve started my blog almost 3 months ago and the traffic it gets is ridiculous.

2 to 10 visits per day. This for a blogger is a ridiculous amount.

This blog has more than 300 posts and it gets a ridiculous amount of traffic.

The problem with blogs is that you have to market them. If for example I won’t market my blog – it will never be a success.

Blogging gives no guarantees to me, but I started this blog just as a diary. Why would I promote it? It doesn’t matter if i’ll promote.

If my articles are garbage, there’s no need to promote them because people will come and then bounce back.

To promote a blog – you have to write epic blog posts while, me, I write simple posts. As I told before – it’s a diary.

Seth told in his video.

That it doesn’t matter if anyone reads it, but if I will be persistent – some people will read it.

You know in this age, a book is written for one person, a blog is written for one person.

Blogging doesn’t give you any guarantees that you will be making money.

Sure it takes a lot of writing before your blog is successful.

It’s better to write one post and show it to 1000 people, than writing 1000 posts and showing them to one person.

In general I need at least 1000 views per day to earn 5$ with Google Ads.

As I told before I’m looking for things that are fun to do and blogging is one of them.

When I saw blogging I knew that I will be doing it sooner or later.

I wonder how my blog will turn out to be in 4 years, 8 years and 20 years.

If after 20 years of blogging I won’t make 400€ this means blogging is a really lame way to make money.

I don’t want to push out my content to people who don’t want to see it.

Organic growth is a long process when you don’t do seo and marketing.

There is no guarantees I will be making some cash. 🙂

What is love?

Love is probably not a feeling because most people mix love with lust.

Lust on the other hand is a feeling of high attraction.

While love is a complect of feelings such as responsibility and others.

Lust fades and love does not both are feelings of attraction.

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