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Day: January 26, 2019

The handshakes.

Rich people are doing handshakes while poor people don’t have anybody to do handshakes with.

Poor are getting poorer and rich are getting richer.

Nobody’s going to tell you where do you get your first apple to sell.

If you have an apple – you can do the handshake.

But if you don’t have an apple – nobody’s going to do handshakes with you.

Not typical results.

When you search up people who offer you the secrets of blogging, you may find guru’s who will charge you just so you could start a blog*

And their blog* is showing results that are not typical.

Man if I would pay money for blogging secrets – I sure don’t want typical results. I want results that aren’t typical.

Most guru’s will offer you the secrets, the same secrets that are online for free.

There’s an overload of information. And you have to be a dumbass to buy blogging secrets.

It’s easy with blogs. Write, Publish, Promote – easy as cake in theory, but there are countless of blog posts which offer you the ‘tools’ to make it online.

So what’s the secret? How is the majority of blogs not making cash?

The secret is that there’s an overload of information. The more information in written, spoken, visual style the less demand it has.

When something is oversupplied, like air – you can’t take cash for air, because it’s oversupplied. The same goes with water in some regions water is highly demanded while in other continents there’s oversupply of water. That’s why water costs nothing, just has the delivery cost.

There’s one million blog posts everyday, maybe even more. So your little blog is just a drop in the ocean. And there are companies that don’t want to show your blog in the search results.

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