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Day: January 25, 2019

If you see a tank.

You don’t want to be the hero. You don’t want fame after you’re dead.

When you see a tank – fucking run.

Run, bitch, run – fuck fame, fuck glory, fuck everything but safe your fucking life man. Nobody cares about dead one’s. At least I don’t.

A man is better alive than dead. Alive men can build stuff, think stuff and write stuff. Would you love me more, if I was dead?

If you see a tank – run.

My childhood’s movie

Ninja In The Dragon’s Den is a great movie for those who were born somewhat in 1988.

This is a great movie, couldn’t resist posting it on my blog.

Officially done thinking about ‘the matrix’

Today we had a chat with my acquaintance and he asked me to look up the definition for the ‘matrix’ and it appeared that there is a definition for this word.

matrix definition

So guys thanks for following me but I want to say that I need a new idea.

If there’s a matrix – now I have to hack it.

Big and scary web log posts.

Today I tuned into Seth’s blog and saw a big scary post.

The problem with long posts is that they are well written – that’s fine, but the problem is that they take so much time to read. Most posts should be like 100-300 words, then it’s fine to read.

Big and scary is what google wants. But short is way better. I liked Seth for his short posts, but now they sometimes get a bit big and scary.

I started blogging because I didn’t see web logs like mine – short musings about reality.

If you can’t pack your knowledge in few paragraphs, then you should think about writing that scary post.

Short and sweat and big and scary. As far as I looked I never really read big posts. I just skim through them.

I’m done.

Going to dental hygienist.

She’s going to remove tartar from my teeth.

My mother said it’s not painful, but it’s an unpleasant experience.

Personally I don’t know – going to find out on my own.

PS. Sometimes I think there is no god, because why would god give such a bad teeth to people and other animals? If there’s god – he must be cruel.

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