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Day: January 22, 2019

Evolution happens gradually.

It’s easy to think about an idea that’s already out there. It’s easy to come up with ideas but it’s hard to execute them.

Show me a person and I sure can tell he has ideas which haven’t been executed.

It’s easy for celebrities to talk how they achieved things.

In fact many things are achieved by only luck. Turn your head anyway you want – you have to be picked. If you pick yourself this means you have picked yourself.

To be a blogger, a good one – you need to be picked by the audience.

We can’t pick our audience, only the audience can pick us.

Ideas, chickens, whatever evolves. It evolves gradually. You can’t expect a shift in consciousness over a night.

But awakening happens instantly.

One thing is to evolve, the other thing is to become awake.

Workout urges.

Sometimes I have these workout urges. I go and do couple or pushups, couple of squats and sometimes I wish I would go to the gym, but then the next day all these workout urges fade.

I doubt I will go to the gym, I’ll probably will buy a yoga mat and do yoga at home.

When I think about it – I don’t need new friends.

Over my life I realized, friends come and go as well as girls come and go.

We are alone in this universe. There’s nobody who’ll make your heart warm.

Nobody needs a girlfriend that…

…doesn’t know how to cook and doesn’t like to clean the house.

Everybody’s thinking about love, but love fades, then there’s responsibilities.

Yesterday we had a party.

We drinked couple of liters of beer.

My friend was so drunk that he managed to spit onto my face.

I just can’t understand why some people act normally when drinking and some of them just do shit.

If you drink and do shit – you should better not drink.

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