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Day: January 20, 2019


I see these guru’s creating working systems, I want it too.

Benefits of the web system is that you don’t have to work, you have to build the system and the system will work for you.

It’s easier said than done.

For example, your blog is a system – you write it once and it stays written.

Sometimes I imagine myself having one of those systems which does the work for me, but it’s really hard because the whole world is competing for your dollar.

Everybody wants your pocket money. Every single person wants to sell you something and there are guys who are really good at sales.

Personally I suck at sales, that’s why I’m poor.

Your website can turn around huge profits if you build it the right way, but the question here is: what’s the right way to building money making systems?

All you need is a working method and then you just repeat it.

Many people spend money on marketing their website. In fact, Google could make you rich, but I personally don’t know anybody at Google and it’s a shame.

How to know you’re a good blogger?

You have these writing urges and you feel if you don’t write you’ll – die.

Simply said good bloggers like myself have a lot to say.

When you have a lot to say, you need to pick a medium where you’re going to talk to the public, it can be youtube channel or it can be your self-hosted blog.

If you have a lot to say – you’re a good blogger.

Bloggers aren’t defined by readers, bloggers, like any other artist, define themselves.

Everybody is an artist, but only artists know it.

One visitor is just one visitor.

If you’ve been creating content for years and you’ve done something that attracts very few visitors.

You can then think visitor by visitor – I will build my empire.

But in fact one visitor is just one visitor :-/

To have an empire is one thing, to get a lot of views on your work is another factor.

But John Chow said you don’t need to be a master at all things, you need to find this one thing that works and repeat it.

After years of struggling I still haven’t found the secret to blogging and vlogging back in the day I had views on my videos and now I don’t. I believe I just became boring to people.

Still, one visitor is one visitor. Video by video my empire grows but man, it’s a slow growing process to grow a blog.

I don’t do any marketing. I believe that good stuff will market itself.

But probably I’m wrong, It’s been years and I’ve build barely something.

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