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Day: January 18, 2019

Past releases of ‘the prikolist’ audio show.

There’s been some issues with anchor.fm website.

I’m moving my Lithuanian audio show here.

Intro. Episode 1

Seimas prieš rūkalius. Episode 2

Apie viešąjį perdimą. Episode 3

Blogieji prarabai. Episode 4

Ką vienas žmogus gali padaryti? Episode 5

I hope you enjoy these releases.

I want to notice that there will be more Lithuanian podcasts on my blog at some point.

How music influences what you write.

Over years I’ve been listening to random music due to my wide range music taste.

And one thing I noticed is that music influences what you write.

For example, try tuning into epic music and try to write something. Everything you’ll write with that epic soundtrack will be just epic.

Epic in a sense of writing. People might not even like what you wrote, but man it will be epic.

I now tuned to epic music, man I want to write epic shit for epic people.

If you’d tune into something lyrical, like I don’t know


This also will change the mood of your writing.

So in my opinion, it’s good to write in silence. Because your mood will be like the mood of the song, but I don’t care about this rule – I love when music is stimulating me.

Music brings emotions and emotions are good in writing, people need more emotions. Because everything today is mostly dull.

Let’s assume I’ll switch to metallica

This is the song I’ve tried to learn on guitar and didn’t. I love this song, but this song reminds me of misery and struggle.

I know a beginner guitarist shouldn’t try to play metallica as their first song but whatever.

You see – music does change what we write. If we listen to hate music, we’ll probably write about hate.

Writing in silence is like really dull.

But when writing in silence – you’re then in tune with your own emotions, not emotions of the song.

I switched back to psychedelic trance. It’s good.

If there wasn’t spam commenters I would open the discussion, but now I’m getting mostly spam. You can contact me, if you have something to add.

Fractured reality.

I wonder how do mentally healthy people see reality.

I know for a fact that my reality is fractured. Not in a way that I can’t orientate within my own reality.

There’s a saying that schizophrenic people see the world more clearly. I don’t know where I’ve got this, probably in a mental house.

It’s strange how reality works. On one hand you can be the king of the world while on the other hand you’re down in the rabbit hole.

I see reality in fractures, I see the world in fractures. All reality is fractured via the web shows of the internet.

I think I spend to much time on the computer but whatever man, what can I see when I go outside? A world under a price tag. I can’t pay that price, yet, maybe I will never be able to pay that price.

The world outside is costly. And I can’t afford the world. There are some folks who can afford the world. I don’t know them personally.

This, too, is a fracture of the world. It’s a fracture of my sanity.

This world is insane and people lock me up, maybe it only appears insane because I’m insane? But it can’t be this way. I long for a deeper meaning, a deeper explanation to what is and what is not.

Amongst animals I’m born, with no clarity and vision of the future.

I can assure you – I drift through life, with no luck and no success.

Most of us drift, at least those whom I know – drift.

Where this world is going? I don’t know since my world is made of fractures. Fractures I can’t put as if they fractures of a puzzle game.

Something has to be done. Or, just maybe, every fantasy of mine is already here, but I don’t see it – because I live in a fractured reality.

The dull.

Days like these I feel dull, nothing new is happening. In fact, nothing new is happening for almost a decade. Just sitting at home, trying to hack the matrix.

Because for me, the world is under a price tag.

And it’s really hard to make money. I’ve been trying and doing everything I know and can and nothing ever works for me.

I feel like people have some sort of grudge on me. I have this feeling now and then.

I feel that something is holding me from success. Don’t we all want to be successful? We all sure want to be happy.

But mediocre life is underrated.

I have to admit that I’m living a mediocre life and myself am mediocre.

I would love to make money online but I just don’t know how. Everything I tried hasn’t worked for me.

I don’t think you have to bust your ass for years in order to make some buck.

I don’t want to sell anything, in fact, I don’t have anything for sale because let’s admit it – if I had something good to offer I would be rich.

I’m constantly thinking about money – how to make some, but despite my efforts I have made nothing and I wonder why is that so.

Why my efforts don’t bring me cash. As if I was born to be a nobody. I know I’m good at blogging but man blogging over the years has brought me almost nothing in cash.

I made several short books on kindle, these bring me 2€ per month and I’m thinking man if I can get 2€ per month why can’t I get more. Who is prohibiting me to get more.

Sure I could blast some good books and put a bigger margin, but man writing long shit is really hard.

As a writer I can tell that I’m writing shit just because if I didn’t, there would be traffic. I think people hold a grudge on me.

Lamer stuff gets more views on youtube than my videos. I just can’t get it.

And besides today I feel dull due to this fact. I’m never good to the society. Society has put a huge standard on creative work.

As Yann said only 1% of creatives earn money, what do 99% do to survive? I have no fucking clue. I love creative work, but it doesn’t fulfill me as a creator – it doesn’t put bread on the table.

I just don’t know how to improve my creativity.

How you’re creating criminals.

Take all the resources from a person and tell him that he can’t take those resources.

This is precisely how you’re creating criminals by not giving them what they want.

And when a criminal is created, he then goes to the prison where he is isolated from normal people who aren’t criminals.

A criminal already distrusts people and you’re making it worse by isolating a criminal from the society.

Prisons build distrust, because show me a employer who wants to employ a person who was in the prison before – nobody. At least nobody here in Lithuania.

When a person was in the prison, he is labeled as a criminal.

But you’re the people who breed criminals.

There’s this discussion in Lithuanian parliament about smoking in the balcony and if they prohibit smoking in the balcony – I will be a criminal, because you breed us with your laws. Laws create criminals.

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