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Day: January 17, 2019

Is it good or is it bad?

As a metaphysician I love talking about these weird things most people don’t bother to think.

When you see an object, what do you think about it?

Is it good or is it bad? Doesn’t matter what object we’re talking here about.

Let’s say you made a drawing from the depths of your heart but you lack technical skills in drawing – is that drawing gorgeous or disgusting?

I’ve been talking for years that we as humans don’t understand objects.

If you’ll put a video on youtube, how many likes and dislikes will it get?

The object – video. Is the same for us all. Why some people like it and some dislike it while it’s the same object?

This sums up everything I wanted to tell in this posts. Doesn’t matter how well educated you are – you still can’t understand objects.

Does a bee know how use the computer, or does she only sit on the screen and enjoy the bright colors?

What does integration mean?

When we talk about human integration we sure don’t talk about shifting and twisting humans to fit into the system.

Integration itself means that we take a human as he is and give him opportunities that will fulfill him.

I’m living in a post soviet country Lithuania, this place isn’t innovative at all, most elderly people have this post sovietic trauma. We wanted a free country and now we have a bunch of thieves in the government – at least this is what the majority is talking over the web. Thieves, thieves, everywhere thieves.

I’m talking about integration just because I want to be integrated into the system, but wherever I go – people want to teach me, give me new knowledge as if my knowledge that I have is bad. My knowledge on metaphysics isn’t bad, but there are no jobs for metaphysicians.

I’m pissed that I can’t get a job as a philosophy teacher. I need to go with the grind and learn in the academic school. I was doing philosophy on my own and now I realized that philosophy is simply useless occupation here in Lithuania and probably in the rest of the world.

I don’t want to be this disabled guy who can’t do anything. I can teach philosophy, not history of philosophy, but teach how to think because I was thinking about life for 30 years and probably will continue to think years to come because nobody in the society can’t integrate me.

All my life I knew that philosophy is fun, thinking is fun, but most people don’t know how to think. Ask people: do you love thinking?

The answer will be: Man, fuck thinking.

Some of us love thinking and being with ourselves while others are in need of constant stimulation from other human beings. We are made this way. I can’t argue with nature.

But when you want to integrate a person into the society, you need to take him as he is and find a place where he fits.

The saying that we’re all good at something is false, because the person who told this hasn’t seen really sick people. Some people are just good to be in the hospital.

But when it comes to healthy people, sure, we are good at something, but a person who wants to integrate a person has to discover what is that person good at. Because something is an abstract saying.

I’m good at metaphysics, do you have a job for me?

Loving what you do…

… won’t necessarily make you money.

I love writing my blog, probably the best occupation which I have these days.

I like writing and I wish I was a better writer but things are how they are.

You see, when you want to earn – you want to bring value to the market, but let me ask you this question: what does the market lack?

The answer is pretty simple, the market lacks nothing. Because everything, or most stuff, is created.

These days we lack innovation but it’s hard to be innovative when you live in non-innovative community. To create some sort of innovation you need to be in a place where innovations are welcome.

If nobody tells okay to your innovation it simply means that you’re around wrong people.

Loving what you do is great, but mere love won’t put bread in your stomach.

When you have this ability to do whatever you want, then you need to figure out how to add value to people you’re trying to serve.

If you create music for yourself, or a book, in fact you’ll be the one enjoying your music for couple of days and then you’ll forget about it.

The world doesn’t need more bloggers because there’s an oversupply of bloggers that’s why I don’t make money from blogging. And to be sincere I’ll say I won’t make money ever with my blog. Because these days blogging standards are so high. Barely some people can meet those standards.

As I told in some of my posts: people who sell the same thing, write the same thing – have insane competition.

The best thing in my opinion is to stand out and standing out in a crowd which delivers the same thing is easy, but people have to like you – if people don’t like you – you’re going to be in underground for many years. If ever you’ll make to the surface.


When you’re doing this creative task. eg blog writing.

And when you do it everyday sooner or later you’re going to burnout.

It’s necessary to take breaks during your working periods.

I know writing four sentence blog post isn’t a big task but deep inside I feel burned out. Today really isn’t a day for writing, I feel so burned out.

I have no new ideas, no new stories, no new old memories. Maybe i’ll feel better tomorrow, today I feel so dull from a creative stand point.

Even writing these blog posts doesn’t look like a big task but it drains me. Never thought blogging will be so hard and it is hard to maintain your blog daily for couple of months. I wonder how Seth does it for many years, he’s a pro. I’m not. At least, yet.

The Self Deception.

When I look in the mirror I want to be greater and bigger than life.

Being self deceptive is a disease of false beliefs.

One thing is to be delusional and the other thing is to be self deceptive.

I think being self deceptive is also being delusional.

Show me a person who doesn’t want to be greater than life itself.

Most of us want to be big and great, therefore most of us are self deceptive.

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