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Day: January 15, 2019

The journey to being a comedian.

At first you’re a clown.

Then you’re a joker.

And only if you get through these stages – you’re a comedian.

To me, the world is not a serious place. While everyone is doing serious business I crack philosophical jokes on youtube.

I got this talent to make people laugh.

In fact, I see all these sad people walking around and I believe jokes fit good in this place. There’s never enough of jokes.

Being a joker is good just because when people laugh, they don’t understand the concept you are telling.

I started talking about matrix one of the first in Lithuania. Matrix is a good joke when you don’t understand it, but when you get into it and understand it – it’s no longer a joke.

I don’t know why people laugh, but I believe it’s due wiring in our brain. We are wired to laugh when we don’t understand or if something triggers our emotions.

You see them, but do they see you?

As you go for a walk, or a ride, you see these people all around.

I know I see a lot of people, but I wonder if they see me?

When they look at me – what do they see?

Or they don’t see me at all.

What does this mean?

As I smoke my cigarette and look through my window.

I see cars driving around, the TV tower shining with its beautiful colors.

I ask myself: What does this mean?

The answer is pretty simple, this means that I’m sitting indoors and smoking a cigarette, but deep inside I want a deeper meaning.

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