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Day: January 14, 2019

Everything goes through a stage of evolution.

When you see an artist making his art, in fact he’s struggling with making money.

While the artist doesn’t or does make money, his art will evolve.

True fans will appreciate everything that the artist does, while some of the fans will like the old stuff saying that new stuff is garbage.

But when we look into lives of artists, we should appreciate everything that the artist created.

Every single art of the artist is worth appreciating but not all of us know how to appreciate art.

Thank God, my child was killed.

I had this great vision for life. Where I was healthy, rich and with my own family.

When I was friends with my now ex girlfriend. I wanted a kid so bad and I didn’t ask her if she wanted, but it appeared she didn’t want my child.

Fast forward 9 years, my vision for life failed – I’m not healthy, not rich and without my own family.

Never thought it’s so hard someone whom you can trust.

Over the years I got sick with schizophrenia, I believe that my child which was never born could get it too.

9 years later. I don’t want kids, nor I want a family. Because family is a lot of responsibility. Over these years I realized that I don’t want to be responsible for some young child.

This world is cruel and the child will have to survive on its own.

Thank god I have no children, because it would be a chore to rise a child and to look after it – once I was ready to do it, but now I just wouldn’t have any guts to do it because life hit me hardish.

I know there are people who live worse than me and still made children, but I don’t want my child to be a bum or to have this scarce mentality which I have.

Until the world is a better place. I will say no to kids.

Being without money, without health. With this schizophrenic condition I sure don’t want a sick child.

Thanks God, you didn’t give me children.

On agreement.

I believe that people are made to disagree with each other.

I just don’t know how to tell it, but I believe there’s some sort of interpretation going on with our language.

Different people with different conditioning have different opinions on life.

You sure can notice when dealing with someone stupid, because great minds think alike. Only the shallow minds think in different ways.

When people don’t have the understanding in metaphysics, they don’t have the understanding in themselves.

It’s easy to read a book, it’s way harder to interpret and understand the book itself.

I noticed yesterday that I get refunds on some of my short books. This means people disagree with my ‘product’.

If you want to give somebody a book, you need to find the right person and give him the right book – this is in fact very hard to do. When you’re around people who disagree with you.

We are made to disagree and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s in our nature.

If books were straightforward.

You know you can summarize every single book with one to three sentences.

I gave the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book to my friend and his response was:

Kiyosaki is a master of telling stories but not telling them in detail.

I know right, I’ve read some get rich books and got nothing out of it.

Even I can explain what to do to be rich – sell.

Sell and you will be rich.

The problem with books are that they are long and waste of time, who wants to read 500 page book and learn absolutely nothing?

These are Rich dad books and other get rich books.

You can summarize all rich books with one word.


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