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Day: January 13, 2019

Things take time.

When we start training on our strengths, we should invest 80% of our time to building those strengths. Sure it’s hard to build a talent when you’re alone and your standards aren’t high enough.

Every good talented person has to work with a strong team, only in strong teams we can be challenged.

When there’s no challenge on some level our talents won’t be triggered. It’s very important to not give up on your talents and skills.

If you’re a good writer – create your own portfolio, If you’re a good communicator – go talk to people. At first you can start via webcam.

Talking and writing are my top skills and I believe I can grow this talent to survive.

Nobody pays us for low execution, we are payed for high execution. Nobody cares about a mathematician who has score of 1, everybody wants a tutor who was excellent at maths at least 9 or 10

If you’re good at literature forget math and focus on literature. If you’re good at maths forget literature. You don’t need to put a high amount of energy in your weaknesses. You want to focus on your strengths because the world will pay you for your strengths – not for your weaknesses.

Creating something for free.

When we write – we create something for free.

In this harsh capitalist world – everybody has to sell something, somehow to someone.

If you want to sell an apple, you got to pick up that apple for free. But what do you do when there are no free apples, how do you make money?

Do you sell time? Time is very precious, it’s better saved than exchanged for money – I don’t want to sell my youth or adulthood, instead I will do my best to create something for free. For example – information.

Information is a collection of thoughts that came from past experiences.

If I write a book and make couple of cents, then I will think – how do I make more cents with the book. Maybe I should make the book better, maybe I should write more books. There are many approaches to creating information.

If my videos market me, I then will think – should I make more videos or should I make better quality videos.

Most of the time quality depends on skills, sure you can learn every single skill, but learning a new skill takes time, it’s easier to buy skills from someone else, a person who has devoted his life to that skill. It will cost you money, but it will save your time. Time is the most precious resource everyone has, but most sell it.

I would never sell my time. I wouldn’t even move in that direction. Instead I would invest my time in building something of my own. For example a blog, a book, a podcast – I don’t know how to sell this stuff yet, but I’m slowly getting there.

As far as I heard – it takes up to 4 to 5 years to build something online.

I can create information for free and information is the most valuable thing after time. With the right information – you can make wonders.

Most of the time, people don’t have the information and knowledge and don’t have money. But every single being has time.

We all have 24 hours per day – but if we waste time on games, we won’t have a blog. So it’s our duty to find creative ways to invest our time in asset building, if we don’t have money to hire experts.

A person without direction will get lost. I too stalled 10 years before I created this blog, I believe I wasn’t mature to go for it, but now I’m mature.

It’s hard to sell when you’re selling the same thing everybody else is selling, so you have to be some sort of monopolist of your information. Your information has to be very specific if you want to be a monopolist.

Create information for free and then do your best to sell it.

The active investment.

If you’re like me you’re struggling with cash.

As a poor person with little to no income, with no work.

Your duty is to invest your time into things that are active.

Active investment is an investment which has the potential to earn money while the investment of liability is an investment which has no potential to make you money, instead it sucks your money out of your pocket.

As a writer and public personality I need to have a blog, a place, where my future clients can look me up.

We live in a world of sales. Someone has to sell something in order to become wealthy. Creating wealth, when you have no ideas and you’re poor is really hard.

The more successful you get – the more people you attract.

Because people will give you deals so you could profit from those deals. Whilst this blog is my own interest, it’s also the interest of my clients who’ll sooner or later will find my blog.

We have to remember, if we are poor – we have to invest our time into asset building. When you’re poor – you can write books, make a blog or do something that has the potential to make you money – that’s what we call an active investment.

Money will never come to people who stall on their ideas. Making money is really hard, especially in countries where there is no money.

Since Lithuania is a poor country, I have to use the web in order to reach the rich world. I’m not a good coach on money, but I invest in assets that have the potential to introduce me to new people who might become my clients.

Everybody needs clients these days. But the more successful you get, the easier it is to attract new clients.

If you have a deal for me, please contact me.

The stupid cow and the smart wolf.

When we look at animals, we have some sort of idea how they function, right?

Yeah, right. The cow has to do one thing to survive – eat grass, she doesn’t need to think further.

While the wolf has to think how to survive, he’s always thinking because he’s an animal of thought. Every predator has to think how to catch the prey.

If you’re a cow – you probably won’t have enough potential to conquer this world, but if you’re a wolf – you’ll have the potential.

It’s a matter of decision. Ask yourself: Am I a wolf or am I a cow?

Cows live in heards, while the wolf is mostly a solo player, some wolfs live in tribes.

There’s nothing better in life than leading your tribe towards victory.

It’s good when you have a roof over your head.

I just wanted to share this video with you guys.

I believe there’s no commenting needed.

One part of the world lives super good while the other…

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