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Day: January 10, 2019


Today I should have got my disability payment but the government decided that I’m not the first in line.

I know and I hope you can relate that it sucks when the payment doesn’t come.

As a matter of fact, these guys are plotting something against me because I remember the last month also payment was delayed.

Why you people delay my payments, when you know that this payment is the only payment I get?

Please, don’t piss people off.

I wish there was a phone number where I could call and competent people would tell me why my payment is delayed!

Days like these.

On days like these I’m happy because every 10th of the month I get my disability payment and I’m feeling bad when it’s delayed.

People say that money doesn’t bring happiness but for me it does.

Money gives you choice, credibility and status.

Of course couple of hundred euros doesn’t give you much status, but it gives you the feeling that you have status.

Nobody listens to people who have no status. Everybody these days listens to rich and successful, the celebrity type of person.

Society doesn’t like the dysfunctional players of the society. I’m somewhat dysfunctional. Just can’t understand why I get money free and when want to work – nobody hires me. I guess people want to give me free money which is not free it’s due to my disability.

The slow psychiatrist.

Even though he is working for years, there was this change that all pill prescriptions had to be done via computer.

And I was sitting in his office and man how slow did he did my prescriptions – I was thinking man, we sure need bots to do this kind of work.

Even when I have nothing to do in my life. I don’t want to sit in the doctors office for years until he does my prescriptions.

Prescription writing is a dull repetitive task, and yet my doctor fails to do them fast. What a time waste…

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