After I watched Arnold’s talk I got all pumped and hyped, but today I woke up absolutely without motivation.

It’s really easy to get hyped with motivation.

I don’t want to write about motivation, because let’s admit it – I have no inner motivation, just to write. I would hate going to the gym and lifting those weights.

Man, I’m tired. I just like writing my diary.

Many people don’t like what I do for a ‘living’ but whatever man, fuck them.

Arnold had naysayers, so everyone who is shooting to be big will have naysayers and haters.

During my life I was pursuing fun but downside of fun is that you get fun but don’t get any monetary rewards and this pisses me off – why can’t it be fun to make money?

I just can’t understand.

Sometimes I wish I would be born someone great, with greater motivation because now I’m just a sick lazy fat fuck but whatever I love myself when I don’t have to live according to standards of other people.

Standards of other people drive me insane.