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Day: January 8, 2019

If you have been stuck with life’s philosophy

I know I was stuck with philosophy, philosophizing what’s right and what’s wrong with the world, but the problem with philosophy – it’s just in your head.

For example me, I’m stuck with philosophy for 30+ years, so it will take 30 more years to write everything down.

Your duty, as a philosopher is to write shit down. Even if it’s nonsense.

Why think some philosophies and not write them down and then die with them?

Philosophy is a long task and some of us are born confused with the world, that’s why we do philosophy, to sort out our own confusion.

People who don’t do philosophy probably are confuseless.

Downfall of my non smoking

Few weeks ago, during new years and christmas holidays I was in a mental house.

I had this relapse in smoking. I just wanted to tell you.

Smoking is the hardest thing I’m trying to conquer. Doing pushups and situps and squats is easier than not taking that last cigarette.

And I realized, there is no magic pill which will remove my smoking addiction.

Damn I think, if it wasn’t for that mental house I probably would be still a non-smoker. But after watching the last Arnold’s talk I threw all my smokes to the trash, because I don’t want to settle with smoking, I would rather go to the gym and work out instead of smoking.

After years of non activity and smoking and drinking I realized this path is easy but it’s not worth living. Easy life is not worth living, but I have another downfall in my life – I’m ill, ill with mental disease and heart disease, but I want more from life.

I wish I just could shift to motivation and forget what I have learned in my life, because life of smoking and drinking and being non active is really not worth living.

Life of stalling is not worth living.

Motivation for writers, bloggers, authors.

As a writer I know the work that needs to be done.

I started writing because it was easy to do, but when I entered the writing sphere I realized how hard it is. It’s easy to write, but it’s hard to stand out and make your words shine – it’s really hard. I’ve been doing this for many years, everywhere on the web.

To sum up the motivation. I will just say this:

Your stuff isn’t going to write by itself.

As a writer I don’t care if anyone reads it, all I care is to type this shit out and then it’s done. Writing is a hard mental task but you get used to it if you are chosen to write.

PS. I gave a writing shot to morty, he quit before he begined. You don’t want to be this writer who quits before he begins.

PPS. You don’t want to be a guy who quits before he begins.

Don’t doubt in yourself.

arnold schwarzenegger wallpaper

Even Arnold had naysayers, I guess everybody has naysayers.

Even I have naysayers, even when I’m little.

When I grow up, I want to be a lion to scare the sheep of.

I know I don’t need to follow anyone, but if I will follow somebody – I will follow the greatest.

It’s hard to do physical activity when you’re ill, but many ill people do more pushups that us fat fucks – this is bad.

Life is a competition. So I guess it’s good to compete but I never was a competitive guy. I really don’t want to compete.

But to be honest. Today I have nothing to offer to the market 🙁

But I have a direction, I have a great big vision.

Sometimes after you fall it’s hard to get up, but I’ve been getting up for years.

Failing is easy to me. I’m not afraid to fail, but I realized I have to do more than write. Writing itself is easy for me, but people want proof – proof that what you give is awesome. So I guess I need to give proof, but today I’m not ready yet.

Nuff said.


It’s hard do be Arnold Schwarzenegger 🙂

But hard work gives you respect.

My dream is to create this blog as a source of motivation for other people. I can’t go all physical due to my disabilities, but I just want to show. That one hour of writing will give you 365 of writing over the year. If I can churn 50k words over the course of a month. Imagine how much I can writer over a year.

I believe that in writing it’s quantity that matters before you get known 🙂

But remember – you can push yourself or stall, doesn’t matter what you do, but the results you will have after the stall will be results of the underachiever.

Be happy, you don’t have to go into fitness to be successful, but you have to master something that you want. 🙂

Does Anybody Even Care?

The problem is as follows that less and less people care about the world we are living in. It is stated that mere mortal doesn’t even have the power to shift the course of the world but the world I live in is never built to the end. That’s why Utopias don’t work. Utopias give us the end world but our world is never at end.

In some places this world is more of a dystopia than utopia because let’s admit one thing – the world and the universe is a vast place for one man to grasp. To grasp the world one must have the most clear picture of the world. Many people who lurk on the web and watch the television have a worldview that is fractured. With fractured view of the world we can’t really know for sure what is out there. We’re all connected to the informational matrix, we all have no clue what our world is because it’s really hard to go deeper into the world by philosophy while we don’t have any gadgets that let us go deeper. We only have our brain and our thought.

With games like GTA5 we have a photo realistic depiction of our world. The world is depicted for us and we can realize we are living in some sort of a system. System which is working by itself for itself. A homosapiens human is a part of the system but with seeing the world that it has to be built for humans to survive in conditions we can be sure that this world is not necessarily meant for us. If we have to rebuild the world and invent new stuff – this world is not for us.

Put words anyway you like but we are stuck in this world for our lives and we all have to build something good out of this world.

It’s our duty to build something great.

Desire ignitor.

We live in a world that is not yet built.

The people are not yet formed.

Our duty is to ignite their desire for greatness. While some people do the gossip, others build stuff which others gossip about.

If you believe there is something on the other side of life, you’d better try your best to get it.

If you believe there is nothing on the other side of life, you will never ignite your desire. Just because there is nothing to ignite.

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