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Day: January 7, 2019

What happens when you quit social media?

I quit social media 3 months ago and I noticed one thing – I’m less envious.

When I was on social media I would be jealous of people, I don’t know and don’t care, having a wonderful time.

Social media started banning me.

And after giving it some thought I quit it for good and I’m proud of myself. I didn’t care about those people, nor they did care about me.

Social media is for stalkers. One has to understand that people just want to show off on facebook, nobody really cares about each other there.

Although I made some coin on Facebook, but spend more on ads than I’ve earned.

Fuck you Zuckerberg.

How to move out the ‘lost’ stage.

When scarcity mentality runs through the head it’s really easy to get lost. And I mean really because you have to pick the best from the worst.

Despite that I wrote the scarcity mentality, this post will be in the abundance category, you might ask why?

The world is abundant and the society doesn’t require you to do anything.

If you like laying on the beach – then do that, but don’t cry that society doesn’t give you what you deserve – it’s that simple.

Being noticed with whatever you do is really hard, I’ve been trying to do it over a decade. Just now I realized I should focus on building ‘my’ empire and not someone else’s.

When you’re lost – try things, nobody’s going to punch you in the face if you’ll just try. Don’t be afraid to fail because failure is the part where you grow.

I see so many people not growing because they are afraid of failure.

When you want to grow – you have to love failing.

Man, when my posts don’t go viral – I count it as a failure, but then again some people like those posts – even when they are not viral.

It’s really hard to keep up with yourself when you have all these high standards.

Lower the standard, you don’t want to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger

Just because being Arnold is really hard, if you want to out compete this guy – don’t read my blog and don’t read blogs like my blog. Seriously man, what are you doing here?

When it comes to moving out of your ‘lost’ stage – you need to look for things that are easy to do for you, but hard to do to others.

Because if you will be doing hard work in fields that are just too hard for you – you won’t make it.

I know because I played guitar for couple of years, barely achieved something. Doesn’t matter how many hours I’ll put into playing guitar I won’t ever achieve anything great – because guitar looks easy but in fact is very hard for me.

For me – writing – is easy, so I focus on writing. Anybody can write, but only writers write and other people just say that writing is easy but actually don’t put anything on paper or screen. Period.

Moving out of ‘lost’ phase will come someday. I know you can’t force out of it if you don’t have a mentor.

First thing one has to do is move out of the scarcity mentality, there are enough goods for every one of us.

The minds we are trying to save.

Mostly speaking we’re trying to save the minds of people who are lost with the illusion of an already built world.

We’re trying to save you, if you are one of the following type:

  • Lost
  • Without Ambitions
  • Without Goals
  • Without Dreams
  • Without Direction
  • Without Purpose
  • Without Motivation
  • Mentally Ill
  • Etc.

If you feel that we can save your mind, please follow our blog.

We know that many of the people aren’t ready to be saved.

These are the minds we are trying to save from the rat race, from the dull, dirty and boring world. If one has the vision, he must share it with others.

Our blog is at the very beginning stage and I will do my best to populate it with high quality good content for people who want to be saved.

This is our duty.

Give your friends an opportunity.

Imagine a scenario, you and your friend have no cash.

What do you do then?

You try to figure out ways to earn cash together, just because doing business by yourself is a hard task.

You just can’t win if you’re doing business solo, doing business solo – as I used to do and still do is a sociopath way of doing business.

Real leaders are the sun, and they pick up people they meet and give them a task, because let’s admit it – many people don’t have the ambitions to take upon the real world. The real world, if you’re alone, is really harsh and you don’t want harsh when you’re just beginning.

The real world will kick you in the nuts.

So my advice – give your friends, if they are reliable, a task and move out of their way – let them blast your socks off.

Because man, people can do wonders if you give them the right direction.


The real ENTJ.

The ENTJ type is the Commander type person, we are the sculptors of the world.

Recently, I saw a study made by someone, can’t recall, they say that ENTJ’s have the biggest salary of all.

The real ENTJ can barely do anything without a team.

So before you start your big endeavour – get a partner, get a worker. A person who will help you succeed in achieving your goals.

Despite the fact that we are ENTJs, most of us will see that many people are without ambition, without sense of direction.

Some people try to achieve big things without an aim.

If you want to achieve big, you got to aim – HIGH!!!


Shoot those fucking stars or shine as a bright star.

Every ENTJ I met in my life I saw big ambitions and big ambitions is what all of us need.

Orders of dumb people.

If we believe that we run based on dumb people’s orders this might signal that we ourselves are not far away from dumb people.

Ask yourself: why I’m running by orders of dumb people?

This might be just your answer, these might not be dumb people.

As I told before: The Enemy is well hidden.

This is not the fact that dumb people run us. We are dumb because we let dumb people run us.

The power comes with saying – NO!

Greet the new author.

My friend wants to start a blogging journey.

Meet Morty4144 aka Dalius, he will cover the Lithuanian aspect of the blog.

And when he’s good for English he probably will cover the English aspect of the blog.

Since he’s new to blogging, don’t be harsh on him, okay?


There’s this big scary world and we are in it.

Let’s admit – it’s scary if you have some sort of social anxiety. I’m anxious too.

But when it comes to interests, it goes two ways.

  • You fulfil your own interests, or;
  • You fulfill someone else’s interests.

By fulfilling interests of someone else, you will never live in a world that is anxiety free.

How to kill a demon.

All demons are the cultural heritage.

Culture shapes us and inflicts its beliefs upon us. If the culture believes in demons, so does the individual.

Demons are powered by belief. As long as you kill your belief in demons – you instantly slay a demon and I mean instantly.

All demons and gods and whatnots are powered by the belief of the individual which is shaped by the culture.

When a demon tries to buy your soul – you then go to the priest which will do exorcism to kill all demons within you.

But exorcism won’t kill the belief you have about demons.

Disbelief is a great killer.

Sense of mission.

Most people I’ve met during my life were senseless of their mission.

People without ambitions can’t change the world, in fact they can’t even shift the world or even leave a scar after they go dead.

Sense of mission will give high energy.

If you feel lost, just ignite your greater good gene, some of us have it.

If you can shape the world in your head, you can build it.

But to do great work you need ambitions. Nothing is build or done without ambitions. The sense of mission is within.

One for all, all for one.

If All start out taking us one by one, then there is no All left.

This phrase comes from a famous movie about musketeer d’Artagnan.

One always needs all to survive, but if all don’t see the one – all is doomed.

Therefore all should make the life of one better whilst one makes the lives of all better.

It’s about lifting each other up, but if all can’t life one up – then the game is lost.


The enemy well hidden.

When it comes to enemies, most of us assume that the enemy is somewhere outside – somewhere out of our reach.

But the enemy is well hidden.

The enemy is here in your head, well hidden, so that you’d never question your own knowledge and thoughts.

The enemy is indeed well hidden.

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