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Day: January 6, 2019

The stupid and the stupider.

I noticed one thing, after philosophizing for years.

I just can’t seem to find people on my philosophical level, barely someone understands and yet, I have to deal with stupid people on a daily basis.

Where are all the smartish people?

It’s better to be stupid and think people around you are smart, but now after years of individual thinking people just keep getting stupider and stupider, just like Alex Gerasimenko told.

I’m not the smartest guy on the planet, but when people say I’m stupid based on their own stupidity it kind of makes a point.

Smart people look stupid to stupid people.

I’m pissed.

Super awareness and loss of context.

I talk about why I end up being in a mental house due to loss of social context and super awareness.

Suicide defect.

When it comes to killing oneself, it’s kind of hard to know what comes after you’re ‘dead’.

Life is unfolding everyday, yet I see thousands upon thousands of people who are just like me.

My grandfather, my grandmother – they didn’t have a wonderful life, most of their lifetime they spend in soviet union. The soviet union was far away from abundant and we all lived in scarcity.

People robbed each other and so on. Every single citizen of the soviet union could commit suicide, but they didn’t – and that’s great.

When people kill themselves while having a great life, at least a life a simple person would envy.

The question remains – why?

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