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Day: January 5, 2019

Not all time is measured equally.

When it comes to productivity, I’m some what productive. When I see people doing these massive outputs of quality production – they blast my socks off, for sure.

If I put a goal to write the most words in the world, what’s the point of pursuing that goal and what’s after that?

What writers, speakers, vloggers, and podcasters are trying to tell us?

Not all time is measured equally – just means a statement:

Do you enjoy what you spend your time at?

If you enjoy, that’s fine, but if not – here you have a thing you have to rethink.

It’s better to slice your throat than to live your life which you don’t enjoy.

Since I knew about blogging I knew I will do it – I stalled 10 years, please don’t do that.

Some things just have to mature and self-doubt is the main killer of your dreams.

When I see people plugged into the matrix 24/7, my duty is to put something good into that matrix.

Game upgrades.

Game upgrades will never give you life upgrades, unless you’re a pro gamer.

If you like games, at least, be a pro.

I see my brother playing path of exile, and yet – he’s miserable at life, but on the other hand – I see myself blogging and vlogging daily and yet, I’m miserable.

Tried to conquer the world for 10 years, things barely moved.

I guess it takes even more work, to conquer the world.

But I know, that world conquering is more worth than conquering the game when you’re not a pro player.

Just a ‘little’ bit of time.

When it comes to creativity, just a ‘little’ bit of time, can create wonders.

With a ‘little’ bit of time, you can spark up creativity which will take a ‘little’ bit more time.

It’s all about sparking, when there’s a spark – there’s fire.

Living life to enjoy life.

Talking about life and what life we would love to live.

Don’t listen to loud music with your earphones.

Just recently I talked with my mom and she told me that my brother has problems with hearing sounds and he made this way by listening to music loud with earphones.

Don’t do that, please.

If you want to have a sharp hearing, listen to low volume sounds, not high, because the body and the ear adapts.

My brother is just 25 and he hears really poorly, you don’t want to do that.

I think high volume sounds just tear the ear drum, but I’m not sure, this is my 2 cents for today.

There is only one ethical question to humanity.

When it comes to ethics, we can assume this or that, but the main question here is:

How long our specie will survive?

And with ethics, this is our primary question, because the specie itself should do everything and anything to survive longer.

The individual is instantly dead without the specie itself. Because he can’t reproduce when there’s no one.

Every single death is like death of the specie.

Drop these thoughts.

There are some thoughts we all should drop:

  • You can’t change the world.
  • You will die.
  • Everything is temporary.
  • You have no power.
  • Everything is built/created.

But with these dropped thoughts, we should then think how to reverse engineer the universe.

If we will believe we are great, we will be great.

If you can sculpt the world in your head – you can build it in the real world.

Everything comes from fantasy, experimentation, knowledge gaining and knowledge adaptation with various tools.

My thoughts aren’t new thoughts, yet they are new school thoughts.

If I like myself, but don’t like the way things go in the world, I then should sculpt my own world and do my best to change the world. Everybody is talking, my duty is to shift what people talk about.

Everybody is doing it – you should too.

If you can sculpt the world in your head – you can build it in the real world.

Believe in your fantasies.

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