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Day: January 4, 2019

Practise makes perfect.

Me talking about practise and how long you need to practise to achieve something worthwhile.

Eliminating creative doubt.

If I would write like Stephen King, I would be Stephen King.

When you’re starting out as an artist: writer, painter – or whatever you would like to do in life. You will have low technical skills and most people think, that creators like myself and Stephen King have some sort of advantage amongst other people.

When it comes to writing, one must develop skills in order to be understood by the society.

Entry level creators can deliver huge value to the market, but their creativity is limited to low technical skills.

How do you overcome doubt in your creative self?

It’s really easy, permit yourself to create shit. Only when you can create shit, your creative self will grow. Because let’s admit, when you can’t create shit – you can’t create a masterpiece.

It’s very rare that posts go viral and it’s very rare that you can keep up with viral posts after you did your first one.

Nobody really knows why some posts go viral and some do not, I guess some things just resonate with majority.

Sure creative work has high standards, but you don’t need to write what everybody else is writing and in the end you have to develop your own standard.

People who solve the same problems and write the same articles are already devaluating themselves as artists.

Creative world has low entry level because everybody with open mindset can be a creator. Start as a hobbyist if you want to be a writer and think how can you create something beautiful for yourself which you can appreciate for years.

As a writer, I rarely enjoy my piece of work, just because I keep upgrading my skills. Previous posts had lower skill level than this one and so on and so forth.

Eliminating your creative doubt will open new horizon of thought, creative thought.

Working with letters and language.

As a writer I need to understand the words I am using. Sure English is not my primary language, my main language is Lithuanian.

The main obstacle for many people is that they can’t create a proper sentence with its structure.

When working with language, try to be straightforward.

You don’t need to write abstract sentence to deliver the message.

The more straightforward, by naming things as they are and not as they should be, we can achieve the best communicator in ourselves.

When you don’t understand letters and language, you will then use thousands and thousands letters just to say a simple things. I don’t read books because books take a long time to read, as most of the time books have the same sentence repeated all over the book.

Good writers write short posts, bad writers write long texts just to prove a point.

Indeed, who has the time to read?

Forming particular ideas from abstract thoughts.

Abstract is newer good.

Our minds wander most of the time, at least mine does. I think abstract thoughts and as a writer – I have to create something concrete from my abstract thoughts.

Abstractions are not so good, because if you can’t understand your own abstractions, who will understand it?

If you don’t understand what you’re trying to say – you will never deliver the message, doesn’t matter how many abstract letters you will write.

Personally me, I hate poetry, because Lithuanian poetry is just abstract words that mean nothing, they’re just beautiful words, soundy words.

The creator is always balancing between the abstract and the concrete.

When I talk about technical skills of the creator, I mean skills that make you form something from your abstraction. As a writer I see words, words all over the place.

My job is to take the words of the world and remix them in letter sequences that make sense to other people and deliver the message.

I could write afdgfshdfgdfhfhd, but this does not make any sense, therefore as creators we must follow certain rules to ‘create’ particular things. Therefore we need technical skills to make the best of our abstract thoughts.

By the way, you can invent your own rules, but those rules have to be easily understood by the majority, or at least by the minority.

Don’t be afraid to break stereotypes and status quo, because we need new rules, new ideas and more fantasy.

Unleashing your fantasy.

There is nothing better in life than creating something of your own just because you can’t resonate with anybody else better than with yourself.

Fantasy – is the future life.

Life is the past fantasy.

Everything we see around us is made out of other people creative work, buildings, cars, planes and etc. Just name it and it all came from someone’s fantasy, even my blog is made out of my fantasy.

Fantasy lets us create things into the real world but we can’t create anything if we have no fantasy.

Don’t be ashamed of your creative fantasy thoughts, instead, put them on paper or blog or wherever. Just keep in mind that your fantasy has to be matured in order to be evaluated by people.

When starting writing, or any other creative endeavour, we need skills. We gain skills by trying to build up our fantasy.

If you want to see something created in the world – create it yourself, because the world is abundant – it only lacks your stuff.

I just can tell you one thing as a fellow creator – nobody will ever create anything the way you want it. You have to do it for yourself.

People I’m trying to connect with are people who want to change the world and don’t care how much energy it will take – they will be trying to change the world through their creative fantasy.

We need new school thoughts, new ideas because we’ve ran out of them long time ago.

Please, remix the world.

Dropping memory in order to generate new or remixed creative ideas.

Our brain uses huge amount of energy to store facts, dates, names, locations and everything we saw in life.

To drop memory we need to use paper and pencil, or always plugged in tablet so we can store our memory on paper.

Back in the day I didn’t use pen and paper and when I came with a new idea – I instantly forgot it.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a technical level to accomplish an idea, what matters here is to store every single idea you have come up during your life.

You can then pick up old ideas you created and use them later in life.

You see – your brain is a powerful tool, but keeping ideas in the conscious brain is really not worth it, because the conscious brain has limited information storage. I can’t find the source to quote the correct information, but it’s really not that big storage. When a person says his name, most of us instantly forget it – so you know that it’s not a lot.

Just don’t waste your resources to storing information, if you want to store something – make a audio or text. And you can comeback to it later.

After you’ve writing everything – you will be an idea machine, because new ideas keep on coming but many people don’t write them down and keep forgetting what they came up with.

Memory is basically useless when it’s written down.

Creativity 101

Creativity, as a hobby or professional career, involves logic, strategic thinking and other analytical ‘things’ in our brain.

To start creating, one has to breakthrough the limits of the mind.

Creativity as a profession, requires high standard of technical level, by saying technical I mean – technical level of expression of the creativity itself.

Basic creativity is the invention of a new, remixed idea.

When you have new or remixed, even old ideas – you then need to have a certain way of expressing the idea. It can be through visuals, text, audio, painting, architecture and engineering – everything that a human being touches is creativity because it’s easier to destroy things than to create them.

You can never destroy an idea.

The first step towards creativity is to ‘create’ your visionary life goal, a life you would want to live. It can be a creative life, it can be technical life, it can be operating life, or it can be money making life – it doesn’t matter what you’ll choose as long as it’s good for you and people whom expect something from you.

As an artist – your duty is to give birth to ideas you have come up during your life. Technical expression is required, because you can’t accomplish your creative endeavour with low technical skills – your creativity won’t be valued in the world, because let’s admit – creative thinking is not enough these days.

Creativity itself is a game of high standard.

As a creator – you create ‘products’ other people will consume. Having a great creative output will let you attract new people into your life – online or offline.

Before you start creating high standard copies of your idea – you need to learn technical skills, because creativity requires technical work.

The easiest creative endeavour is writing but since many people can do it – it is devalued by society. Writing can be creative or technical or academical. Therefore not every type of writing is creative writing.

To be sincere with you I’ve been writing for years and achieved mostly nothing.

Creative work is dull, boring and disappointing work if you want to create art from the depths of your heart.

I just want to say, that creative people have to be open people, nobody can create anything with closed-mind thinking. You have to be open-minded person to create and be creative, also you need to be prolific. High outputs of creativity may drive you insane because most creative people we’re at least once in a mad house.

There is nothing more disappointing than seeing your creative work being not evaluated by people, or worse – ignored.

Keep on creating.

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