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Day: January 3, 2019

Audience Survey #1

After you decide to move forward in your life.

There will be people whom always complain, but you should look not at people who complain but in numbers on your bank account.

If the bank account is empty after years and years of ‘work’ – you must be doing something wrong.

I know I did. I gave away stuff for free – now it’s time to move on.

Don’t give your shit for free.

Don’t give away stuff for free.

Just me talking about the free stuff. And building success on other people platforms.

Mediocrity is very common.

We are living in a culture where being mediocre is simply normal.

The problem with mediocre is that nobody picks the mediocre.

Everybody wants super solutions to the problem but if we’re all are mediocre, how can we offer things and solutions which are way bigger than ourselves?

The first question to ask is: is it worth to be more than mediocre?

Nobody is holding you from doing more and thinking bigger, but is it worth it?

Few days ago I heard that only 12% of people achieve their goals. Goal achieving is really hard and people compete for the same goals. Competition is really stiff.

Competition at the bottom is very big, because simply said it’s a rat race. We’re all rats trying to get more by giving less.

But being productive and prolific means to give more for more.

Nobody will tell you where to get your first apple to sell.

Let’s be mediocre instead of prolific only if it suits our lifestyle.

Scarcity, the poor people around you.

When it comes to seeing the abundant world, some of us can notice that people around us aren’t so rich.

Even though Lithuania is not the richest country in the world. I can see that people smoke contraband cigarettes and drive 200-500€ eur garbage cars, this indicates that people around me aren’t so rich and can’t afford things I’m offering.

But talking about abundance, the smart person is not limited to his own region.

If people around you don’t have money – you most likely won’t be rich.

But one must see beyond the poor circle of the society.

Go to the shop and look – do you see the products? It indicates that there is abundance in the world but the problem with capitalism that everything has to be paid for.

For some people, especially for cripples and disabled people it’s hard to gain income. To get income you have to work in somebody’s system, it’s hard to create your own system.

Just remember that we are living in a hierarchy of competence – everybody can give you a job but if you don’t have the competence to do it – what’s the point?

Everybody’s looking for people whom they can trust.

Every person is looking for solution to his problem. Your duty as a employer is to solve a problem in a trustworthy way.

If you see scarcity around you – your duty is to make the world more abundant.

Being yourself is easier than you think.

The problem remains: what will other people think if I do this or that?

Most people I came across in my life think based on their emotions.

The first step to being yourself is to be disliked by people. Yeah, disliked.

You don’t want to please everybody, polarize people you want to see in your life.

If you don’t like religious people, gays, and black people – say so.

I don’t like people who try to blow me out of my course, personally I don’t hate anybody until people try to mess with me.

If you’re religious – keep your religion to yourself, don’t impose it to me. If you’re gay – don’t play gay games on me and we all will be fine.

Hatred is learned, we learn to hate based on our life experience. Of course, don’t underestimate the stupidity of the majority.

If you want to be yourself – don’t please people, polarize them.

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