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Day: January 2, 2019

In the age of scammers and quick solutions – building trust is very important.

Wherever you go – people want to give you quick and easy solutions to solve your problems.

We all do marketing but some of us want to scam you.

The beer salesman doesn’t tell you that if you drink too much beer you’re going to puke and shit both at the same time and you will wake up with piss all over the place.

I’m in the game of building trust. Trust is very important, but trust takes a lot of time to build.

Don’t try to scam people for a quick buck, instead – focus on building trust and long-term relationship.

Happiness is a state of your mind.

Life can be both ways: you’re a happy cripple or miserable sports man.

Before you go out to the world, don’t forget your awesome glasses.

When you see life awesome, you attract awesome people.

When you smoke and drink – you attract alike people.

Be that person whom you want to attract.

You can only become yourself.

The story goes that everybody can become anybody.

But in fact, you can only become yourself.

The true purpose is to unfold yourself through life – life is hard and harsh and has no mercy on weak organisms.

Only the strongest survive.

Besides – everybody is taken, but yourself is not, yet.

We’re always a somebody.

New born person always thinks he, or she has to prove something to the world.

Everybody is racing to the top but then again, do you need to race and lurk to be at the bottom?

Primarily I would say one has to enjoy his life.

NOLIFE is life too.

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