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There’s so much to do in life, but…

… I don’t want it.

You see, there’s so much to do for other people. For normal people.

Me, I’m not normal – a bit of a psychopath, a bit of a sociopath.

Antisocial behavior 100%.

You can build roads, and houses, and cars.

In this life you can build whatever you want.

There’s this abundance around, but most people live in scarcity, here in Lithuania.

You see, when there’s abundance. There’s already everything in this matrix, but matrix lacks only your creative efforts.

Let other people do stuff and you better make something beautiful for yourself, because there’s this abundance.

The Prikolist EP6

Sunku šiais laikais.

I hope you enjoyed.

Million ways to express love.

Sure you can express love in millions ways, but to receive love there’s only one way.


Most of your work will be ineffective. Mine sure is. Making videos for 10 viewers, man this is inefficiency at its best.

Successful people say that your 20% actions count for 80% results.

So successful person would remove 80% of his actions.

But we aren’t successful people here. I know, if you read my blog – you’re far away from success. Success might even not come to your life.

Being successful is really hard.

People have time to read blogs and watch videos, but those videos and blogs aren’t yours, right?

This statement is so accurate that I don’t need to comment further.

Google won’t make you rich.

Writing a blog and depending only on Google traffic won’t do you any good.

I don’t know what kind of articles you have to write so that traffic from Google would pick up.

The problem with many bloggers, me included, is that we rely only on Google traffic. Most of my traffic comes from youtube.

You see – Google wants better posts, better videos.

But what if you could get that traffic elsewhere?

Relying on Google alone won’t make you rich.

I know this because my traffic after 300 posts is just 2 to 10 visitors – Google doesn’t want people to see my blog. If Google would want it, Google can make any blogger rich and famous.

Don’t rely on Google, if you’re a blogger.

You don’t need to write your blog 4 years to get the traffic, what you need to do is promote your blog to your social media following. If you have any followers.

Many experts say that at first you need to build up your social media following – only then you need start your blog, but whatever. I started my blog as my main point of communication.

If people want to find me they know where to find me.

Every artist wants recognition.

This is a fact.

I never seen an artist who doesn’t want his work to be noticed.

This is the age of writers, poets, painters – there’s probably more writers than there are readers.

Who reads anyway?

Don’t give up no matter what.

People Like Brian Tracy tell that you shouldn’t give up no matter what, but imho you should give up on things that are not working.

My blog isn’t working, my youtube isn’t working – I know I should give up, but I want to follow Brian Tracy steps and prove you that if you do the wrong thing – success won’t come.

To do the right thing and give market what it wants – is very hard.

The market doesn’t know what it wants.

People are holding a grudge on me. I know this for a fact because back in the day I had more views on my videos.

My videos are lame I know, but at least I have something to do.

My blog posts are lame as well but whatever man.

Some people can write couple of sentences while others have to write millions of words and nothing magical will happen.

Life is unfair and I know it for sure.

Do you have the time?

When people tell that they have no time. It means that they aren’t pursuing any goals.

Because if you have no time to pursue your goals, what are you doing with your time? Whose goals are your pursuing?

I’m a blogger. I find time to blog everyday because it’s my top priority.

If I hadn’t had time to blog – I would not be a blogger.

Do you have the time to pursue your goals? Or do you have no goals?

When you have no goals – you don’t need to have time.

You gotta do something.

When somebody doesn’t like the way you’re living – everybody will suggest you to do something. As if your life matters to somebody.

Everybody’s got suggestions on how to live.

But there are no rules to life.

If you don’t feel like doing something – then don’t do anything.

Some feel joy in doing things, while people like me feel joy in not doing things.

If your nature is to be lazy – be lazy.

Because being lazy is doing something.

To be sincere, nobody gives a shit about how do you live.

We spend so much time thinking about “what others do think?” but to be true I don’t think about you and I don’t care about you, just because there’s like 8 billion people on the planet, if I would think about every person – I wouldn’t have the time to think about myself.

Being yourself.

As if everyone else is taken.

The problem with being yourself is that you’re always yourself.

You just can’t be anybody else.

Doesn’t matter what the awkward situation – you’re being yourself.

You’re sure not being me.

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