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You won’t achieve your dream, if…

My brother wants to be a music composer, he has composed some songs, you can check them out here.

I said to him: “Do you have a dream?”

He said: “Yeah, but it doesn’t fulfil itself…”

Sure the dream doesn’t fulfil itself, because you have to fulfil it.

If you keep playing games throughout the days and keep drinking and keep delaying your dream it will never fulfil itself.

You have to work every day on your dream and then maybe…

How do you earn money without sales.

I hate selling. It’s lame.

I doubt I can pack a book and sell it. Although I have some, but I don’t do the sales. Amazon does.

Talking to customers and doing customer care – all that sucks. Personally I myself don’t sell any products. And I won’t sell any products.

I hate creating products, let my blog be my product.

I added some ads, and affiliate links and let it run.

You don’t have to do any sales if you want to earn money online, your content is the product and people stumble on your website, press an ad and voila you have some cash in your account.

That’s good.

But to earn decent amount of money, you have to do the grind.

Because it takes a lot of traffic to earn money.

But good thing about blogs, is that you write a piece once and it sticks in the blog, people may stumble on it through search engines.

Personally me, I hate doing marketing, hate sales, hate doing business. I just love to write.

And as a writer, my blog is my main place where I write out my thoughts.

This shit’s epic.

You can do Youtube or your blog, if you love to write, both can use Google Adsense.

But you need a lot of views to earn a lot of money and it’s a downside.

But if you keep adding content, people will start coming to your blog even without marketing – you’ll just have to wait longer.

If you could commit let’s say few years and write a lot of good quality content, which mine isn’t. You then can attract significant amount of traffic. People find good content, you just have to wait if you don’t promote your blog.

Without sales you earn from ad clicks and affiliate offers, your website doesn’t do any sales. Sure in the long run you will want to sell something, but at first your biggest concern is the traffic.

The more converting content you have the more you earn.

Money online equals to traffic and conversions.

That way you earn money.

It’s simple to implement, but I won’t write a guide, because there are tons of guides online, search them up.

You know to make sales, you have to make a good product, and most people can’t make a good products. That’s why a lot of people shy off from sales.

If you can create a product, use third party software or websites to actually do the sales. When amazon does the selling, it doesn’t count as sales, because their website handles all the hassle, you just have to provide the product.

My website is targeted at writers, who want to start blogging. Because with blogging you don’t need to do sales in order to earn money.

You just need traffic and conversions.

That’s it.

If you’ll provide quality articles people will find your blog even without marketing, but it can take a long time until the traffic is solid.

How to stop trying.

I know. Americans always tell keep trying, don’t give up, but doesn’t matter what you want to start doing, if it’s business – it’s just too competitive. You can’t survive business if you’re a newbie.

It’s just too hard.

You can’t win at life. I know it sounds sad, but why waste your efforts doing something you don’t like, or something that doesn’t bring in any profit. I know it’s lame.

Many of the things most people want to achieve depend on external circumstances.

If you don’t have a thing you love, drop all the things you hate, because life is not worth pursuing something you hate. If you do love the thing you’re doing – don’t stop trying. But if you don’t – stop.

Life is pretty damn short.

I never pursued money, I looked for things that are actually fun to do.

And I’ve discovered writing. Writing is a disappointing occupation, sure.

From all the worst things in life, pick something that is less boring.

There are many interests, you can create any business.

But if you tried many times to do one thing and it didn’t work. It won’t work. You know it.

You don’t have to spend days, months and years grinding a thing that simply won’t work – it’s not worth it. It’s waste of time and energy.

Business is too competitive, good habits cost a lot of money.

It’s simply not worth trying and pursuing your dream, unless you’re obsessed with it.

I want to earn money online and still, it doesn’t work and I keep grinding it. It doesn’t work. I waste so much energy, so much time and get fruitless results. It’s not worth it.

Many people say stick to it, be patient.

But being patient is draining.

It’s better to have a simple life, maybe drift through it, because the system is rigged. Only the rich become rich and poor stay poor.

Whatever job you’ll pick, you won’t be the best at it, just because there are a lot of people who are already established at their jobs and you can call them the best.

You won’t be the strongest, nor the healthiest, fastest.

And hard work doesn’t pay a lot. You have to be actually smart to achieve great things and most of us aren’t that smart.

If you’re a simple guy, drop your expectations of being rich or famous or popular. It doesn’t happen for simple guys like you and me.

And most things – they are not worth the effort.

Because we all are going to die and we can’t take shinny things with us.

Sorry for being so pessimistic, but that’s the truth, the system is rigged, hard work barely pays. Creative work doesn’t pay. There’s just too much creatives who are starving, me included.

Online business is so competitive, but we can’t whine about that.

All in all nothing works and nobody cares.

Stop trying.

How to be a good consultant.

I remember I worked as a consultant at Litexpo exhibition center with my company back in 2012.

I did consulting on a microscope.

I told my employer that I’ll do one product and I will be the best at it.

When being a consultant you want to pick one product and become the best at it.

When you know one product good – you can deliver exceptional value to your potential customers.

Most people try to be know it all guys, but you can’t know everything, doh.

As a consultant you want to pick one service or product and become a guru of that single product.

You want to know the ins and the outs of one single product.

This way you can deliver exceptional value.

Talk to your employer and tell him, that you want to be an expert on one single product.

That way you will get more time to know the product. You can test it for yourself. While you test, you get real experience on how the product feels when it’s being used.

Back in the day when I worked, I delivered exceptional value and attracted many customers, because everyone was interested in my microscope rather those who were presented by other guys.

I knew the ins and the outs of one microscope. And you could call me the microscope expert, but I just knew one microscope.

Of course, over the years I’ve forgot everything, but still I was a good consultant.

Don’t advertise.

I know, when you’re new to blogging you want more traffic.

And there are two ways to get traffic when you’re a new blogger.

  • Spamming.
  • Ads.

I don’t do marketing because it’s spamming when done without ads.

I had this lithuanian blog and bought advertising on Google Adwords. I was new to blogging industry and I’ve paid 150 litas to advertise my new blog.

The blog wasn’t monetized, it had no offers, no ads.

As I said, I was new to this blogging thing.

I bought the ads, saw visitors come in through analytics and that’s it.

Some people have read my blog and then went off to do something else.

This was my first time when I literally wasted 150 litas. it’s about 30€

Back in the day, it was huge money amount here in Lithuania.

Most people have earned 400 litas, that was the minimum wage.

So what have I learned.

I learned that you don’t need to advertise your blog, when your blog isn’t monetized.

When you advertise, you want your users to convert into email subscribers, or buy something. I don’t know, maybe press ads and whatnot.

When your blog isn’t monetized, it’s not worth advertising it, just because you will lose money and you’re here to earn money, right?

Why you shouldn’t hire a ‘marketing specialist’ who has weak following.

I was surfing the web, and saw this chick from UK, can’t recall her blog, but she claims to be a marketing specialist. I checked out her Youtube channel and she only has 500 subscribers.

Man, 500 subscribers, I once had that although I’m not a marketing specialist.

I would say if you want to hire a marketing specialist, you should hire someone who has 50000-1000000 subscribers or followers.

If people can’t market themselves, they can’t market your company, blog or business. Period.

Please, don’t advertise your blog with adf.ly.

When I started my blog I was tempting to advertise.

And I picked adf.ly as my advertising company. Because it’s cheap.

I paid 40€ and got just 12000 users who stayed on my website just 5 seconds.

It’s lame. I can say if you’ll advertise on adf.ly, you’ll just throw away your money.

There were no comments left, no opt-in’s, just huge amount of botlike traffic.

Adf.ly is a shitty advertising provider.

If you want to advertise, you should use Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. Adf.ly sucks.

How to know how much words you have on your WordPress blog.

There’s this plugin for WordPress. It’s called Word Count.

You download it by typing Word Count in new plugin search.

Word Count Plugin for WordPress
Word Count

Then you navigate to Word Count and press calculate.

And voila you know the word count on your WordPress blog.

My blog has 239726 words so far.

This plugin is useful if you want to achieve 1000000 word mark.

It’s great.

Don’t start your blog for free.

Sure free blogging exists, but you’ll be dependant on the service provider.

Instead of starting web blogging for free on platforms such as blogger, steemit or medium.

Don’t hesitate to buy a domain name and web hosting.

When you’re on your own domain – nobody can ban you.

I made a mistake by blogging on blogger, medium, steemit. I earned nothing. Because you make the companies richer and not yourself.

If you want to start blogging, don’t hesitate to buy domain and website hosting on bluehost.

WordPress is the way to go – many people are doing it and they earn a lot of money, it sure isn’t easy, but anyone can start a blog.

While blogging for free, you can get banned if your blog doesn’t meet the company’s standards.

You sure don’t want to get your work wiped by these major companies.

Blogging costs 50$~ per year, don’t you have that kind of money?

Free is not worth it because you’ll get no support if something goes wrong. And on free blogs, companies earn money out of your blog – not you. You don’t want that.

How doing specific tips can guarantee you some traffic.

Few weeks ago I wrote about my Ubuntu crash, when I’ve installed Nvidia drivers.

That post has got some views.

When writing tips, you want to be very specific.

Specific tips can attract some views, but all in all if you won’t promote your blog – you won’t have the views.

It’s simple as that.

Most of my content doesn’t qualify for Google search engine traffic and that’s lame.

Although when I look at Webmaster stats I see that the blog is growing at snail’s pace.

That’s fine for me. Because the first mark I want to reach is 5$ daily from Google Adsense. That would require 5000 monthly visitors.

That’s all fine.

I have to admit guys, I’m kinda lame at doing how-to’s and guides.

I leave my blog to be a general blog. A blog about everything.

Yesterday’s bot traffic.

Yesterday I got bot traffic, probably someone wanted to crash my website, but the website withstood.

I integrated Google AdSense ads, but they don’t show up for some reason. Although I gained 5 cents somehow.

There were 3500+ users yesterday on my website, most of them were bots.

I don’t know guys, why the hell you send me bot traffic?

What’s the point?

Is to crash my website or to inflate my AdSense earnings?

None of that didn’t happen.

I really don’t understand the point of sending bot traffic to my website.

Instead of bot traffic – you should send real users who would benefit from my blog.

I write this blog for real users, not bots. Therefore I don’t need any bot traffic.

Even though I’m doing kinda lame trafficwise.

How to install OBS on Linux Ubuntu.

First you need to install ffmpeg.

Open up terminal window CTRL + T

and type in the following command:

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

Then you need to add OBS repository for Ubuntu:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:obsproject/obs-studio

Then you need to update software packages:

sudo apt-get update

Then you need to install OBS:

sudo apt-get install obs-studio

When running the command sudo, be sure to type in your password.

Be safe by not running unknown commands from the web.

How to secure WordPress site with double verification.

First you need to download a plugin “Two-Factor”.

Two Factor Plugin WordPress
Two Factor

Then you need to go to your user

Users > and select your user profile.

Select these options and voila – you’re done.

How to recognize bot traffic.

Today I got bot traffic.

This picture illustrates bot traffic, you get a lot of viewers, but they don’t surf the website.

Somebody has sent me bot traffic and my website withstood it.

If you want to crash my website you got to send me 1000 users at the same time, then my website will crash

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content – is content that’s always relevant.

When writing evergreen content which is the opposite of trending content. You need to think about relevance after years you wrote the content.

Evergreen content is content that doesn’t lose it’s trend over long periods of time.

Sure the term blogging declined after few years.

How to start a blog trends

You see, that’s not evergreen content. Because it loses trend.

Here’s when Brad Pitt was trending.

Brad pitt trend

You see, Brad Pitt was trending few times. Then it dropped significantly.

Movies aren’t evergreen content because they lose trends fast.

John Wick 2 trends

This is something that’s evergreen.

United states trends

You see – evergreen content is content that doesn’t lose the trend.

Evergreen content is losing it’s trend very slowly, but the trend won’t diminish.

When choosing a keyword. You want to pick something that doesn’t lose trend or is in upward trend.

Understanding web search user intent.

User intent – is a term to describe user intention whilst searching the web.

When web users go to websites like Google search, they want to find information.

Some of them want to buy, some of them want to listen to music or watch a movie, find a review, download software, get information, learn and etc.

When writing a blog, you want to find keywords that makes it clear what the user is searching for.

When people want to buy something, they type ‘buy’ or ‘price’ and the item name. If people want to find reviews, they type ‘product name reviews’.

That’s plain simple.

Your website must serve and fulfil the user intent.

If the user wants to buy something, you then create a website around the product in which the user is interested and add an affiliate buy link.

Most users are searching for information and when they can’t find information in few seconds they get frustrated.

That’s why the goal of any website is to provide value and information for the user.

Users actually want to find what they are searching for.

Google loves websites which can benefit the user intent.

If your website delivers value to the user it will rank high.

Goal of any article is to provide information, how-to’s, tips and tricks.

When people go to Youtube, they want to watch a video, when they go to Medium, they want to read, when they go to Google search, they want to find. That’s simple user intent.

What are keywords?

Keyword – is a search term which web users type into search engines like Google.

If you’re a blogger it’s important to use keywords within your website.

Why that matters?

If you’re writing just to write, your content creating efforts will be wasted, because if you don’t use keywords – web users won’t find your content, that’s why it’s important to use keywords.

Keywords are key phrases that make content findable.

If people search for sewing.

You want to add sewing as your keyword, if you’re in the sewing niche.

How to find keywords?

There’s this Keywords Everywhere plugin for Chrome browser and Firefox.

With this plugin, you can find keywords which are relevant to your website’s niche.

People are searching for various stuff online.

And your blog’s purpose is to provide valuable information for the web user.

Once you install the plugin, your Google page will look similar to this.

Keywords Everywhere
Keywords Everywhere.

The page shows you related keywords and the main keyword.

You see that key phrase “what are keywords” has 8100 searches per month and CPC is 0.61$, this means that writing an article on this phrase is actually beneficial for your blog.

If you’ll write an article, on such topic, or any other keyword. Your website might get an advertiser who actually will play you 0.61$ for an ad click.

Now you know how to find keywords.

Keyword competition.

Keyword competition is a factor which is shown by more advanced web software. That software is paid.

High keyword competition means that it’s hard to rank for a certain keyword. So you’d better search for keywords that have low competition and high search volume – if a keyword has low competition that means that keyword is underserved.

You want to write in underserved niches, because there are so much overserved niches.

The keyword “weight loss” has over one billion search results. That means that one billion web pages are competing for this keyword.

It will be hard to rank for this keyword, because it’s overserved.

Keyword research.

When doing keyword research you want to look for keywords that are low in competition and are similar to your website’s niche.

Everyone who is doing keyword research is looking for a keywords that are underserved and are low in competition.

Long-tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are specific phrases of 5 or more words. Long tail keywords are defined as very specific, whilst broad keywords are defined as general.

Keyword like “keyword” is a key phrase which is broad and it’s not clear what the user is looking for, that’s called a broad keyword.

Long tail, on the other hand would be a keyword “why the keywords are important” this is more defined keyword because it lets you know exactly what the web user is searching for.

Articles with keywords.

The purpose of an article is to serve a keyword.

When users type in a certain keyword, they are looking for certain information – and Google’s mission is to provide users with information.

That’s why your job is to create articles Google loves. Google loves rich content: videos, audio, text, images – all that good stuff.

Your articles should be built around certain keywords users in your niche are looking for.

And it’s better to look for long tail keywords, because you’ll know exactly what information the web user is searching for.

If you take a keyword like this “how to be popular” you know what the person wants to find, but this keyword is overserved and unless you provide an exceptional article, or video, you won’t rank for it.

How to write keyword rich article.

When writing an article, you want to search for phrases that are within your website’s niche. Your website can be about anything you want and as long as it contains keywords, it will rank.

You could be writing without doing any research, people still would find your content, but it wouldn’t be search optimised.

You want to include key phrases and keywords within your article.

In theory every word is a keyword since people are searching for all the words.

When picking a keyword you want a decent search volume, because if you’re keyword doesn’t have a lot of monthly searches it won’t bring in a lot of readers.

Good count for a keyword is 500-10000 searches per month.

If you would rank for underserved keyword which has only 20 searches for month – you would get 20 readers per month to your article. More or less.

Don’t make the mistake which is made by many bloggers, most bloggers are too lazy to do keyword research, most bloggers don’t bother doing keywords.

Keywords = Organic Traffic.

Developing a 24/7 working website/system.

Website is a system. It works when you’re asleep.

Many people wish to earn money while they sleep, but many people don’t have a clue how to do it.

Starting a website is a low cost venture, if the website fails – you’ll lose your time but not your dollars. And that’s a good thing.

Websites like mine, blogs, they need nurturing.

You don’t start a successful website from the get go. You have to persist and be patient with a blog.

There’s a lot of bloggers who started earning a decent income after 2 to 5 years of daily writing.

Yeah, it’s a grind.

When you start a website – you want to create an informational portal for your future clients. You can only show display ads and if you get a decent amount of traffic – you can earn decent income and quit your job.

Being a full-time blogger, means writing, publishing and promoting. I don’t promote – I focus on organic growth.

My dream is to create a website with lots of pageviews.

If I want to have a well documented website – I have to write and provide value to people.

Sure my website isn’t the ‘how-to’ guides, but occasionally I drop a tip or two.

Well established website can substitute your job, because there’s so much bloggers who made it big and have a decent following and earn money while they sleep.

Everybody wants to earn money while they sleep. I bet this is a dream for many people, but the problem is that many people, at least those whom I know – don’t have a website, everyone is lurking at Facebook and actually makes Facebook richer. Everyone is working on Facebook by putting content and engaging with it and with ads.

Why make Facebook or Twitter rich when you can write content on your website and attract viewers and get a benefit from it?

I made many mistakes by publishing my content on other websites like medium, quora, steemit.

I actually was making content for other websites and only benefit I’ve got was a 5$ membership for free. That’s all I’ve got for 300 posts on medium. That’s lame man. I can make much more money by writing on my own website.

You need to develop a website, when you start a WordPress blog on your own domain, you need to populate it with useful content.

Because people are searching the web for information 24/7 and luckily for you – your website is hosted and it works 24/7. You can get pageviews and ad clicks while you sleep. Ad clicks is money, but there are better ways to earn money with blogging, but if you just love writing adsense will do.

To be honest I don’t know how long it takes to grow a blog. I’m writing on this blog 10 months and still get only few views.

I should promote my blog but I’m too lazy.

Since I realized I can make money while writing, this became my obsession, because all in all I can come up with text post for free.

When I was hired to do some freelance writing, I did some writing for other folks. I earned 15€ for 500 word post.

This blog now contains 237,377 words, so if we do the math.

I’ve created 7121.31€ of value. This is how much I would earn if I did this writing for somebody else, but since I didn’t get paid I earned nothing yet.

The difference between freelance writing and blogging is that freelance writing doesn’t require you to think about pageviews, you get paid instantly while blogging requires you to think about pageviews because page views and conversion is what pays you money.

7121.31€ would equal to 17 months working on a minimum wage. I don’t spend 8 hours on my blog, I maybe spend 2 to 4 hours creating content. So I’m in ‘surplus’. Actually I’ve lost money, total spent on this blog is 120€. Two years of hosting.

With each post my blog value increases and I’m here for a long time because I actually dream to make full time income from my blog.

Before you start making money online, you have to grow your audience. Sure it takes a lot of traffic to earn decent income, but currently my goal is 60€ per year, this way I won’t have a loss.

You know. I’m not this guy who knows it all. I do trial and error.

By being a blogger you can write what you want, while being a freelance writer – you need to come up with topics and text other people require and that’s lame.

The goal is to be my own boss and work for myself.

Anyone can start a website and do what I do. It’s easy but it’s a disappointing occupation. Because you need a lot of patience until you’ll write all those articles.

It’s a business, but for me it’s a hobby for fun – if it brings in any cash. It’s nice but if I fail – I’ll lose so much time.

I know I need to do more promotion, but fuck it.

Starting a website is very easy if you know how the computer works. Everything is written on the screen – just read it and follow instructions from other websites.

Start a blog. There is everything you need about starting a blog. I could write my own tutorial, but why write what’s already written, right?

When you have a blog running – you have to populate it with useful content.

Just think about your passions, and write in depth articles or blurbs.

Remember, when writing a blog – you need to think about it’s niche.

It can be movies, weight loss, making money, finances, investment – there are many people who are interested in such articles. You need to pick something that has competition.

You don’t want to start a blog: humans are bots.

You don’t want to invent something, instead you want to pick something that works.

Just grab keywords everywhere plugin for chrome and look at search volume and cost per click, if people pay money for certain keyword then it means that there is a paying market.

If you’re an avid computer user, you’ll know this shit.

What to do when luck isn’t on your side.

Unfortunately, I’m not lucky.

While some guys get it way easier than I do.

I still manage to do something.

You can’t do much when you’re unlucky.

Many good things depend on lucky. Sure there’s discipline, persistence, patience and whatnot.

But most of the time. It’s luck.

Many people accomplish far more than I do. When it comes to writing I love hard work, well, hard writing. But I don’t bother.

When luck isn’t on your side – you have to grind.

I remember I played Diablo II Lord of Destruction for 10 years. I liked farming back in the day. And I noticed the more I play, the richer I get.

Although, games didn’t give me any real riches, just virtual ones.

And I noticed, that in order to achieve something, you need to grind.

Luck is a small percentage. But when you get lucky, at least in games, you become rich instantly. Because in games like Diablo 2, everything is random – you get random drops based on algorithms.

If you don’t get a good drop at first time, then you have to grind and farm the game until you get the drop.

Few days ago, I played this game on my Nokia. It’s called Doodle Jump.

At first I got low scores, but then one day, after not giving up, I reached high score of 18337 points.

I noticed that if something isn’t working the way you want. You need to persist and even small daily progress towards your goal will bring you to the goal.

You have a lifetime to pursue your goal.

Sure games aren’t as hard as life, but the principe is the same.

I look at my life as if it was a video game.

I wake up every day. Look at my stats – and see no luck, then I move on to create another piece of content.

Doesn’t matter what my results are – I’m actually doing normal progress, but it’s at snail’s pace.

Like joining the gym, you lift weights and your body does progress bit by bit. Actually I quit the gym and bought an exercise bike.

Now it’s up to me. I can cycle and lose weight or I can be lazy.

Life presents us with the opportunity to achieve whatever we want.

And it’s our choice to ‘farm’ and grind.

Even in games you have to work hard to achieve a certain level, but rather than playing games try to play life.

Play to win. Don’t play to not lose.

The more you grind, the better for you and your business.

Some people are workaholics, I’m a writerholic.

When it comes to writing I’m kinda prolific. But now, only few people listen to things I have to say.

That said, luck is rare, but for luck to happen you have to be prepared.

When you’re unprepared, luck will come and then suddenly everything will fade.

You don’t want 15 minute fame due to viral video, because most people will forget you.

Actually you want to build a tribe of people who trust you.

That’s the point of blogging for fun. You don’t need luck to do that.

You’re actually competing with high definition porn.

As a blogger, you may be discouraged to see that none of the traffic comes to your website.

And that’s a problem.

You see, online everyone is competing.

And your lame ol’ post is competing with high definition porn.

It’s hard to compete with porn.

What do you do? You keep writing and grinding until you see a fucking result in your goddamn pocket.

If your blog is moving at a obese snail’s pace – that’s because you’re doing something wrong.

And it takes years and years to realize what’s wrong with your blog.

Let people stroke the goose while watching porn, and then when they’re relieved let them read your blog.

It’s always like that.

It’s not necessary to be the first in order to succeed.

Many people hesitate to start something new, because any niche, any business is taken.

If I could come up with something unique, I sure would, but why bother with something new, when you can take any business idea that simply works?

I often lurk at Twitch.tv when I’m not doing anything serious.

Over the years I saw streamers rise and fall.

Sincerely I would say, you don’t have to be first with your idea.

You can be the last, but if you offer exceptional value – you will succeed.

In business, it’s all about value.

But producing exceptional value isn’t that easy. Because let’s admit it – business is a tough choice.

Business holds very insane competition.

But you can be a solopreneur. If you have something cool to offer.

I liked the idea of blogging, you produce texts, put some ads, get traffic and voila you have some nice casherino.

That sounds very easy, but in fact it’s hard as shit, because all in all it’s business.

I saw some casual bloggers make it to the top.

I saw some good bloggers never make it.

It depends on many circumstances. But sure – you don’t have to be first.

It’s all about the value you can offer, and if you can come up with something entertaining, informative or educative – you’ll be good and sooner or later people will find you.

The problem with new bloggers is that most of them never market their blogs. Just like me.

Personally I want to be successful, but I just hate doing marketing. I focus more on writing articles that would be interesting to read.

You know this thing – it’s life.

Life isn’t fair, but you can’t whine about that because you’ll piss people off.

If it would be like this: you start something first and succeed, then you would leave no place for newcomers. That’s not the way it works.

People have to show up for years before the ‘overnight success’ happens.

There’s this artist in lithuania ‘Innomine’.

I heard that he had to grind 15 years until he got up to the big stage.

Imagine 15 years of grind.

If you stick to something for 15 years, you’ll sure be a professional.

It doesn’t matter when you start.

Most musicians spend a lot of time in the garage practising until they get a huge audiences.

Most writers die while being starving artists, that’s the way life works.

It rarely happens that you become a hit when you write your first book, first song or anything.

You don’t have to be first in order to succeed.

And that’s a fact.

You just have to be good. And I mean really good.

Are you missing out on this great opportunity?

Imagine you want to start a business, you’re a wannabe entrepreneur.

But you lack money to start some decent business.

You want to quit your job. And want to start to do some serious business.

As Richard Branson said:

If you have no money – you most likely will fail.

And that sounds sad to me.

But what if you could invest 50$ a year and your life would change? Would you do it?

Blogging presents us with this great opportunity to meet people, to earn money, to connect, and to be visible in the world.

Search the web and you’ll find blogger after blogger who claim that they’re making a full time income from a website!!!

How cool is that?

If people keep searching the web, most of them want to get information about something and imagine you’re the one providing them with bunch of cool stuff.

You bet you wouldn’t have any followers?

Sure you would. Especially if you did some marketing on the web.

People crave good content. And there always will be a demand for new, fresh content – because people actually love sharing information over the web and the web will be a big thing for years.

Some folks saw the opportunity and started their websites years ago, fast forward to now – they’re making full time income from their website.

Starting a website is a low cost ‘business’.

You don’t need any staff, you don’t need to pay rent.

The cost is so low.

And look at you – you’re sitting there reading the web and people make money from people like you. How about you be on the other side?

I don’t say you miss a lot, but you miss something.

If your ‘normal’ business fails, you lose a lot of dollars, but if your website fails – you just lose time you put into writing content.

Anyone can start a blog and make some money, though it’s not over night.

If you’re like me unemployed and don’t want to work and have decent writing skills – how about you start a website and tell the world that you’re out there?

People who make decent income are trying to teach people how to actually make money online. I made some coin online, though my audience isn’t big, but still I made some coin.

And the further you go – the bigger your audience gets.

Don’t you think you’re missing out on this thing?

There are thousands of people who are making full time income from their website. It could be you if you just started now!

Sure it takes a long time to get traffic and build trust, but just think about it. What will you lose?

If you’re working in a job you hate and you wish to quit it. You need some income. And you can get full time income from a website.

There’s so much proof out there.

Every healthy human being has some sort of skill pack which he can package into an easy to read website.

As long as you have something to say – you’ll be doing very well in the blogosphere.

Pick a any niche you love and keep writing.

There’s nothing better than sleeping in your house and waking up in your office – anyone would want to work without a boss, without commute time, without daily schedule. You can work whenever you like when you’re blogger.

Since my blog is new, I see in my Google Webmaster stats that my blog is growing very slowly. But I keep putting articles and helping people and some day I will reap the profit.

Ask yourself, if you don’t blog, would you love to make money while you sleep?

And if you do, don’t miss on the opportunity.

Start a blog.

Functional jobs.

I have to admit. I hate working. I hate waking up early. I hate doing shit. I just like to think and write the shit I thought of.

That’s my passion – to think, but as I said earlier, I haven’t came up with any of this shit.

When I look throughout my window I see people shoveling snow, leaves. I see cashiers doing their cashiering. I see gamers play the same game everyday.

Man that’s ill. Functional jobs suck dick.

Working in some sort of factory and doing your daily task. Like putting ketchup on a sausage every single day for the rest of your life. Or slaying chickens every day.

Man that’s crazy.

When I think about work. I want to do something creative, since I’m a good idea generator. I just can’t come up with some fucking plan to execute it all – execution costs a lot of money, because there’s so little you can do alone.

I’m not this ‘know it all guy’ who can do anything he wants. I just speak and write. I’m white-handed. I don’t want to do any dirty jobs.

Writing texts is a pretty cool job.

But not when you have to come up with shit for other people. I would be a terrible freelance writer – I tried, quit as soon as I saw what kinda garbage I’ll have to write.

I have this dream: I want to make the world free, because there’s so much abundance under a price tag.

There’s so much abundance and people have to work to get the access to the world – it can’t be lamer.

Functional jobs make no progress. You just keep on doing the same thing over and over. It doesn’t make your mind creative, on the opposite, it numbs down your brain. And you’re like a robot.

I believe creative work is the best work.

Everyone is a creator, only creators know it.

But if you’re into creative work – you need to have some technical knowledge, otherwise your creative work will suck and you won’t compete with world standards. Every year the standard is going up. There’s always people who are better.

Competing with a world is impossible, because so many people in the world have talent. I personally don’t have any talent.

My talent is to shit post.

I can’t imagine myself working in some factory.

Still if people can make money with their passions, so can I – I’m not different.

If some people want to do shit to earn money – it’s their choice.

Personally me. I love doing cool shit. But I don’t see any opportunities here in Lithuania. I would love to travel to America and look how people are living there. Living in Lithuania is cool, it’s a country where you can chill out. I bet you can’t live in America without work – and it’s expensive like shit there.

But America is the country of opportunities, just because there’s a big market, not like in Lithuania – here are just 3 million people if not less.

Most people are doing worse than me.

Sure you need to have competence to do good shit, but don’t forget you can get competence by trying.

Functional jobs are like meh. Every day the same shit.

I know I would be a good idea generator at some animation studio. There’s so little I can do alone. If I knew how to draw I would be in a comics business.

But since I just know how to write, and I’m not the best outhere. But whatever – who cares?

I would love to make life interesting, because now everything that’s interesting is under a price tag. You can’t do much when you don’t work.

So the idea is to open up the world whilst doing what I like.

That’s pretty crazy. I have no fucking clue how to achieve that.

I guess some people are more lucky than others.

I’m not Elon Musk, I don’t do rockets and shit.

I’m not Stephen King, I don’t write bestsellers.

I bet the most obvious choice here is to find something interesting and do that until you fucking die. Working is lame. The top people aren’t doing any work. They just invest or start a business.

Personally I’m not a businessman. I don’t like business although I have graduated from business school – learnt nothing.

I kinda like doing my own stuff. I don’t compete with the world.

I guess to earn from creative work, you have to be liked by people.

If people don’t like what you do, then your creative endeavour will be fruitless. Some people get followers easier than I do.

I guess when you can’t do any creative work, you then go and do functional jobs.

2 reasons to keep a blog.

Money doesn’t come easy with a blog, you have to work hard and sell something. Either stuff, or services. Donations don’t work, because most people don’t surf the web to spend money.

Back in the day, when I started writing [7 years ago, on various blogging platforms] I haven’t met much people, of course I got some comments, but people have forgot me.

By biggest win so far was with Youtube.

Youtube had expanded my network. Helped to earn some money. That’s cool.

But let’s talk about blogs.

Back in the day I wrote my lithuanian blog for two years and it was a waste of time. Once I was viral, people came to my blog, read a bit and then instantly moved on to read something else. I believe my blog is crap but whatever.

All in all I write with good means.

Two reasons to keep a blog.

  1. You keep your friends and people who know you updated.
  2. You expand your network.

People are searching for various information online. And sometimes they can stumble on your blog, leave a comment and give some cash [that rarely happens].

My worst mistakes in blogging were to write in Lithuanian instead of English language. And the second mistake, was starting blogs to do some business. Third mistake was to write not in my blog, but in medium.com, steemit.com, quora.com.

Writing for me is a hobby. I doubt people love my posts. Somebody called me arrogant, although I’m not arrogant. I’m just cool.

Doesn’t matter who you are – you have at least one fan, who will read your stuff.

And that’s awesome. The worst part is that nobody of your friends and close relatives care what you have to say. My best friend, he doesn’t watch my videos, nor he reads my blog. And that’s lame man.

All in all, people who read your blog are simply stalkers, who like to stalk what you do in life. That’s a hobby for some people.

A typical blog that’s meant for personal use gets around 10-100 views per day. Not because it’s a bad blog, but because most bloggers don’t do any marketing – just like me. I just write what I want and that’s it. People will find your blog if it’s interesting – but pros say you need to market it, whatever man.

People who know you, if they need you, they will find you in your blog.

When you have a blog, you become easy to find. Because your blog is your main page. When I wrote my lithuanian blog, my relatives said it’s good and they can’t imagine why such good blog isn’t read by people. I guess most people like to read garbage not ‘philosophy’.

You know what I don’t like about the pros? They do their own backlinks. Whilst I don’t do my own backlinks. If it’s good people will find it. Because even now, people are finding it.

Personally, I write to express myself and not to impress people. Impressing people is like really hard.

Writing’s good when you have something to say.

Imagine a guy, who’s being shut up by their friends. Writing can let you talk about things you want, not things somebody else wants.

It’s not about being bad or good, it’s about being yourself.

Over the years of blogging and vlogging. I realized people don’t like me. I probably made more enemies than friends. But whatever.

If you’re exceptional, people will ignore you at first. the they’ll laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win.

Being myself is really easy for me. I realized that I don’t like much people because when you’re around people you have to fit in. And fitting in isn’t my cup of tea.

I like standing out.

You know, I noticed that. If people do something, I do the opposite.

If most people are working, I won’t work.

If most people aren’t writers, I will write.

If most people didn’t work, I would work.

Because I just like being the opposite.

I just like being this hikikomori rebel, I sure don’t go out with guns to kill people. But I like independent thought. It’s said that most people are sheep and followers. I rarely follow anybody.

If most people are doers, I will be a thinker. Thinking is as hard as doing.

Having a blog is a good way to keep in touch with people, although most people hate me for no fucking reason.

I realized, most people hate me because I don’t work. And they have to. I can sleep as long as I want. I can stay up late. I would work if the market would give me something I want. But since the market doesn’t care about me. I don’t care about the market.

I don’t like the fact. That I have to do something for other people to earn money. I would rather do things that fulfil me. I like doing things for myself.

Work and money will never end. So I’ll work someday when I’m old, but I noticed people earn from their passions. Even gamers, they sit and play games and earn cash – that’s ridiculous because they’re not doing anything productive, they just speedrun the same game over and over.

While some people do what they like and earn money, other people have to do various shit to earn money and that’s not fair.

You don’t have to like me, but it’s a fact.

Blogging is a good way to keep in touch with people.

I believe that someday I’ll have enough readers to support my lifestyle.

I just don’t want to sell anything. I have nothing to offer. Just my texts which I can produce for free. And I hope if i’ll have enough readers, people will drop me some coin. If not – fuck it.

People say that blogging is a valid method to earn money, but as I said I don’t want to sell anything. If donations won’t work. I’ll sell ads on my blog. That’s not a big deal.

The hardest part is to grow your traffic.

And I believe that writing rare things would be better for my blog than writing the same shit everyone else is writing like: sports, shredding pounds, cats and other shit.

Since most people are followers, they will follow somebody who’s extraordinary. But I’m just like you all guys, there’s nothing extraordinary about me.

I found out over the years, that men attract men readers, and women attract women readers/watchers/consumers. And that’s kinda gay.

Panic attack.

I remember I was with my friend here in the forest, we drank a bit.

It was few years ago and suddenly I got struck with a panic attack.

My heart started racing and it felt that something’s bad about to happen. But luckily nothing bad happened. I returned home and took a pill of lorazepam. Then my panic attack ended.

Overcoming your fears isn’t that easy as most people say.

It’s said that you have to face your fear to overcome it, but when it’s a panic attack – you can’t do nothing about it, just pop a pill.

I never had a panic attack since.

On vacation, but not me.

Tomorrow my mom is going to ‘Sariai’ and monday she’s going to ‘Palanga’.

I will be home alone with my brother and the dog.

It’s been a long time since I left my neighborhood.

Kinda don’t like traveling.

It has to be a big market.

If you’re about to start a blog, don’t follow your passion.

Let’s be honest, most passions don’t have big enough market.

And that makes it harder to gain traffic and sales, donations, whatever.

People have to be actually searching for things you want to write.

If you write about rare bug, maybe 50 will search for that.

But if you write how to shred pounds, there you go a decent market of millions of people.

That said don’t write about narrow topic, unless you want to be a go to expert on that topic.

Doesn’t matter what you’ll write, because every single niche is taken.

You have to look at niches that are underserved.

There’s really enough blogs on shredding pounds it would be hard to compete with them.

If your market is under 50 people, all you’ll get is 50 people who are interested in your topic. That alone won’t make you any sales, nor you will get any traffic.

If you’ll choose to write about your life, you could be popular if people knew who the fuck you are.

That’s why I say, your niche has to be a big market. It’s better when there is competition rather than writing on topics which have no competition.

If there’s no competition, people simply aren’t interested in the topic.

Although every topic is interesting for some people. But it won’t make any sales unless it’s a huge market.

Being interesting.

Being interesting is a tough process, because interest itself is a broad term.

How do you become interesting?

If you’re into matrix hacks, you have less and less like minded people.

Ask somebody on the street: ‘what is the matrix?‘ and most people will tell you it’s a movie, but in all matrix is far more than a movie.

Nobody likes to philosophize.

All in all, philosophy is an interest that has far less people than say sports or cars, cats. Something graspable.

Philosophy isn’t graspable – you can’t grasp philosophy.

To create a philosophy it takes years and years of thinking and times change, so does the philosophy change. When in fact all philosophers were talking about the same thing just with different words.

It takes a lot of philosophers to change the light bulb because philosophy isn’t doing, it’s thinking and thinkers can’t do shit without doing. A philosopher can’t come up with a ‘thing’ because he’s not an engineer.

Philosophers create brain food. And other philosophers consume it.

Philosophy is a rare interest.

Most serious questions in life aren’t answered yet, but if a person tries to philosophize, he won’t come up with anything new because simply it’s impossible to think through all human thought that’s why people pick practical things, not theoretical.

We live in a practical world and we need practical solutions to improve our world. Theories don’t improve the world, unless it’s a theory about a practical thing.

It doesn’t make a difference if we are living in the matrix or not. It changes nothing. Same as philosophizing about death, life and other crap. It’s sure fun to be thinking about that, at least for me. But those things don’t change a fact that you need to fulfil your body’s demands (eat, shit, drink, repeat) here you go – it’s the basis of all life forms that move.

That said, you become interesting by giving people what they want. And most people, who don’t philosophize, talk shit and garbage.


Most things that happen to you are the circumstances of your life.

You can’t achieve success if you’re born wrong.

Some people get it easier than others.

That’s why people say life is extremely unfair.

But you can’t whine about that.

Life is life. Most of life is circumstances.

Why bother working hard when success is simply out of your reach?

If you’re a loner – you can’t be successful because you don’t have people who support you.

For a writer it takes to write a vagon of words to be famous – is it worth it? I doubt it.

It’s easier to drop your expectations and do what you do.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a writer or creator – you have to resonate with people.

If you have different opinions than most people. You’ll make more enemies than supporters.

And your success is defined by the supporters you have.

Only few people will actually love what you do.

And that’s your circumstances.

But it doesn’t matter – everyone works with what they have and some people have more than others.

It’s good when people listen to everything you say, but most people won’t care if you’re a nobody.

And it’s a paradox. To be a somebody, people need to care and for people to care, you need to be a somebody. All other ways – you’re a nobody trying to accomplish a big mission – becoming somebody.

Nobody cares about the modern day writer/blogger because the world is filled with books and posts, texts.

If I was a writer – I wouldn’t bother trying hard. Because you can’t compete with the best.

Best are best and you aren’t nowhere near best.

That’s your reality – that’s your circumstances.


Today I bought a beer, was thinking to buy non alcoholic. But bought with alcohol.

Tasted it and it’s so disgusting – you can feel the alcohol inside.

Got a bit numb, still 2 bottles left.

Regret buying.

Threw them away…

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