Your subconscious mind knows everything

After my several insanities, I realized few things: one of them is that our subconscious mind knows way more than we can comprehend with our conscious mind.

The body passively knows that it’s going towards annihilation.

The body is going to be destroyed by the nature and then it’s going to be reabsorbed, if you will, to the nature itself.

It’s kind of strange to think about death while we’re still alive.

Everything that’s going to happen after death is not relevant.

Therefore there is no point in thinking about it.

What’s relevant is living a long good life, if one is living a bad life, he is better of annihilating himself, but then again, how would you know when your life is going to have a upswing.

Philosophers of the past – everyone of them said that life is a struggle.

If we’re not willing to struggle, we as might not be living at all.

Bruce Lee said: pray god for strength so you can endure a difficult and harsh life, because you don’t want an easy life.