Your life depends on many factors and it’s a complex thing

Many people believe they are in control of their lives – sure in some point it’s true, if you weren’t born a cripple.

There are many factors, like your intelligence, your strength and your overall health condition.

It’s easy to say that you can do anything, if you were born with the right circumstances.

With the right circumstances it’s easy to do almost anything, but what do you do when you don’t have the right circumstances, what do you do then?

It’s good to have a vision in your life, but many people just wander through life.

For example me: I’m an open guy, I always wanted to make money through the web, but I didn’t imagine how hard it is when I didn’t try to do it.

Many times I was discouraged by other people who said that blogging is a waste of time and you can do better with your life.

People like to discourage you – it’s in their genes.

But a person, who has the aim to his future life can do something every day or every week that supports his future lifestyle.

If one is good at writing articles then he should write articles, there is nothing bad about it.

Not all people have strengths and weaknesses, some have only weaknesses.

There are many ill people, one million people die everyday.

When you wake up you should be glad that you’re not the one dead and you can continue with your own life.

Life is not a journey, it’s a process of conscious effort. If one is living unconsciously due to his lack of knowledge, he might end up being somewhere vague.